Happier Homes: Four Tips and Things You Can Do For A Happier Home



“For me, home is simply about shelter, in all manners of speaking. It is a place of rest and refuge, a place where I can play, relax, unwind, or create—home is the place that replenishes my soul.”-Pia Jane Bijkerk


It has been said that it is never about how big the house is, but rather how happy the home is.

However, much like how we affect our environment, our surroundings tend to have an influence on us and our emotions as well. In fact, it has been shown that more often than not, the level of satisfaction and happiness we glean from our lives would often start in our very own homes.

In this regard, we ought to come up with ways to make our lives at home not only tolerable but one that would actually make us happier. Our homes are our sanctuaries—a haven if you may—insomuch that it should be that one definitive place where we look forward to ending our day with. After all, peace and serenity start at home. However, how does one engender an atmosphere of tranquility at home? How can you cultivate an ambiance of amity? Well, this endeavor should start with you. There are a few things you can do in order to improve the level of happiness in your home. Happy homes can come in all shapes and sizes and would run the gamut from an empire east condo to a unit in Covent Garden Sta. Mesa and everything in between. If you wish to create a home that you look forward to coming back to instead of staying away from, here are some of the things you can do:


Make your five senses happy

If you want to be truly happy, you need to start with your five senses namely: sight, smell, sound and taste (albeit, this last one you can least prioritize). Making your five senses happy can start by eliminating all the foul and dank odors of your home and replacing them with ones you feel yourself gravitating to. Fresh and pleasant scents such as lavender oils can significantly improve your feelings of wellness. Similarly, the aroma of familiar home cooked meals would be enough to bring warmth and comfort to us. In the same vein, try to minimize loud noises and make sure that there is a nice sound level where people can speak to each other in a moderate tone without having to yell. Lastly, clean and spruce up your surroundings. You cannot be happy in your own home if you are amidst the clutter.

Color affects your mood

Although frequently overlooked, the colors of your home tend to influence your mood and feelings. In this regard, you should ensure that the colors you utilize at home would represent the mood you wish to have. Try to use one to two warm colors for every ten colors you utilize in order to have a happy balance between cool and warm colors. To ensure that you do not commit mistakes, cool colors are closer to blue and green while warm colors are closer to red. Alternatively, if this is a little confusing to you, you can opt for neutral colors. White is an excellent color to start with as not only will this give you a wide leverage on designing a particular room, but because it can have all the colors in it too. However, remember to give white rooms color accents as having way too much white going on in one area can be rather overwhelming.

Use the power of touch

Give your partner a daily hug and kiss before they go, be intimate and try to be more affectionate with your children where you spend your free time playing with them. Show your affection and love in various ways such as in your cooking or by opting to watch a movie together on weekends. Let your home be filled with love and joy. Remember, love is more powerful when shared than simply had, so spread good vibes and consequently, happiness in your own home.

Use positive words every day and manage your expectations

An excellent way to be happy in your homes is to start your day right. Begin the day with writing down or mentally picturing out the three things you are grateful for. Put that on paper and then place it somewhere you and your family can constantly see. Routinely doing this day by day will put your line of thoughts into a positive gear. Consequently, you are training your brain to be happier and grateful as well. However, on days wherein you seem to fall short on the things you expect, remember to scale back on your expectations and make them realistic. Furthermore, make sure that they are realistic. Know what you want, but at the same time be tolerant and compassionate in the house if some of your expectations are not met. Teach your family to do the same.


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Modern Muse: How To Set Up a Cocktail Party

cheers outdoor cocktail party

If you’re not up to cooking or setting up the table to ensure all your guests have a place to eat, then you should consider setting up a cocktail party. Cocktail parties last only for a few hours. It’s a stress-free way to introduce friends and business associates without the awkwardness. If you want to help expand networks while maintaining a professional stance, then a cocktail party must be in order one of these days.

During a cocktail party, guests can drink and snack on simple food. The setup makes it easy to talk with other people or join an ongoing conversation. Most cocktail parties have a casual, fun vibe. However, what you want to see at your party depends on you. The best parties are those that complement your entertaining style and the number of guests your home or venue can hold. Before buying champagne glasses at Alabang Town Center, here are the things you must keep in mind when throwing a cocktail party.


How many guests are attending?

You should know who the people who will come over are. Is your party be for your family? Will it include friends? Are you hosting it to invite workmates and colleagues? Knowing how many people are coming over helps you prepare which food to make, how many bottles of drinks to buy, and which venue to select. When you know how many guests will appear, you can come up with a budget you can afford and be comfortable to use.


How much time and effort do I exert on the event?

Since you are the one organizing the party, you should also consider how you will go about your preparations. If you are doing it alone and won’t receive help from your partner and other family members, then you should go for a simple gathering. Try not to make things complicated, so you spend as much time decorating, preparing hors d’oeuvre, and picking up after the party. You must also think of your social energy. If you spent most of your energy in making preparations, then you won’t have enough left to socialize with others. You must also think of these things before you finalize your decisions.


Is it an indoor or outdoor affair?

Now that you know how many guests are coming and the amount of time and effort you want to spend on the party preparations, you should now decide between hosting your celebration indoors or outdoors. If you’re thinking of having it outside, you must prepare for all types of weather. If it’s warm and sunny, you must set up enough umbrellas and electric fans to keep the flies away. You should also enough ice in coolers and ice boxes to keep drinks cold. You must also prepare for other weather conditions especially if you’re hosting the party outside. You must ensure there’s enough space in your home or function hall when you decide to continue the fun indoors.


What is the best food to offer to the guests?

It’s time to move to the important stuff. You must know what type of food to serve to your guests. Though cocktail parties often involve snacks, you must pick the kinds of food that are best together. For instance, you can serve a variety of cured meat and thin slices of cheese along with crackers. Nuts, dried fruits, and salted chips are perfect munchies to pass along and share with others. You can also create mini burgers and club sandwiches.

Food options are endless. But, you must always think of your guests. Does someone have a food allergy? At the same time, someone might prefer to eat vegan or organic food. Consider their preferences when thinking of food options to avoid unsatisfied guests.


Does the party have a theme?

A party is fun with or without a theme. However, it’s more exciting to have people come in wearing a costume or a specific outfit. If you to play things a bit and improve the atmosphere, you should assign a theme. Themed parties often happen during a holiday like Halloween and Christmas. You don’t have to wait for these to come up with a theme. You can get inspiration from the seasons or ask around for ideas from other people who are also hands-on with the party.


Do the guests need to bring anything?

Most parties don’t require the guests to bring anything. But if you have activities in mind, you must tell your guests about the things they must bring to the party. That way, they come prepared and fully armed.  Besides the stuff to use for a specific activity, you can ask your guests to bring chairs if you’re hosting a backyard party. That way, you won’t have to worry about where your guests sit.

These are the questions you must decide on before finalizing the details of your cocktail party. Most cocktail parties are elegant yet easy to set up. Still, how yours will turn out depends on you. You can add activities and decoration. You can have an open bar or hire someone to serve drinks. Decide on these details first so you have an idea how much you will spend on hosting a party.


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Real Estate 101: Incredibly Stupid Reasons a Home Failed to Sell


“Where we love is home—home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” –Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


Selling our homes is a worthy endeavor. Unfortunately, it does not always guarantee a success.

More often than not, our own inexperience with selling our homes would be to our detriment—particularly if we have not researched our neighborhoods thoroughly and just slapped our homes with a price tag we deem to be appropriate. Unfortunately, this can cause prospective homebuyers to overlook or even ignore your properties and look for better properties that are reasonably priced. Consequently, some home sellers would be constrained to lowering their property prices just to sell their homes and yet, they would find that there are still no offers and no one is still buying. Well, you should not beat yourself up for that as there is a myriad of reasons why a home might not sell well the moment it hits the market. These complex reasons are often beyond control.

However, that being said, there are also quite a lot of stupid reasons why a home failed to sell which a home seller could have easier avoided had they done the minimum effort of being prepared before putting their properties in the market. Understandably, no one is going to fault you if you are a novice at selling your properties but at least do your research. Regardless of whether you are selling an empire east condo or a property elsewhere, it is best to reasonably price your property according to the findings of your research.

In any case, you should avoid doing any of these home selling blunders that would ultimately cost you the potential sale of your home:



Pricing a home based on feelings rather than data

Yes, you are attached but you need to remember that your prospective homebuyers would not feel the same sentiment as you would as regards your home. More often than not, novice sellers tend to believe that their property is worth more than what the market currently dictates and would insist on a price tag that is way above fair market value. Inevitably, this would turn off potential buyers and as a result, your homes would be sitting in the market for a while. Keep in mind that price is singularly the most pivotal factor there is in selling a home. Price it too high and it sits for too long and the longer it sits, the less likely it will get sold. With this in mind, try to price your home according to research and data and take out your feelings out of the equation. Remember, your memories are not part of the sale, so your prospective buyers are not likely to pay extra on sentimentality alone.

Keeping all of your stuff in the house

If you wish to have a better chance of making a sale, you need to create a space that is organized. This means having fewer personal belongings cluttering up the spaces. Clutter tends to diminish a place and make it feel and seem cramped. Furthermore, it might offend a prospective buyer. So, play safe and learn to let some of your stuff go. Remove any personal artifacts, religious or political items. Keep your beliefs and opinions out of the picture if you wish to have a better chance of selling your home.

Having a disorganized place

Know that a little investment goes a long way in selling a home. In this regard, it pays to have professional cleaning services spruce up your space for you. While some homeowners are hesitant at the idea of forking out extra cash to make their homes look nice, know that it pays off. Take note: Even the smallest tweaks that would virtually cost you nothing can already make a big difference and resultantly give you big returns. Furthermore, you might be able to overlook small flaws such as sticky doors and creaky floors, but this is because you have been living in your home for quite a while and are used to your home’s oddities and quirks. But your prospective homebuyers are not as receptive to them as you are which might compel you to reduce your asking price. Address this before even considering selling your home.

Using bad listing photos

If you wish your properties to get the attention it needs, then you would need to invest in professional photography. Sure, your phones are already capable of taking photos but it does not equal the prowess of a professional camera. Remember, your home’s photo listing would be the first impression that they would see. In this regard, paying for a professional real estate photographer is an investment you want to make. It would lure buyers in and entice them to take a closer look at the home.

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Modern Muse: How To Welcome Guests


welcome guests

Other than a one-time dinner, there are different ways to entertain guests. For instance, you can let them stay over. Sleepovers and staying at home is likely to happen during the holidays. On regular days, you can get a few visits or festivities.

It doesn’t matter if they will only be in your home for a few days or a few hours. What’s important is that you know how to make them feel welcome in your home. As a modern muse, you have to know how to make them feel at home in your place. Whether your home is a condo in Ayala Vertis North or a townhouse in Cebu, here’s how you can have a stress- free visit for both you and your guests.

1. Know your limits

You should know how many people you can accommodate. If your home can only house four people, then you should let guests know you aren’t open to a plus one. Don’t invite more than what your house can fit. Also, limiting the number of your guests helps you evenly distribute your energy. You won’t be as exhausted after all the activities.

2. Accommodate both children and furry friends

Ensure that your set up isn’t limited to adults. It must also be open for kids and different pets. With that in mind, your home must include child and pet-friendly. Keep any stuff that might endanger the safety and health of your guests. Set up stations and rooms where they can run around and play. You should get help from a babysitter if the activities you set up are specifically for adults.

3. Have a play area

You must set up a playpen even if you don’t have kids. Having toys and interactive books around can keep them busy during downtime or when you have to spend quality time with adult guests. You don’t have to get expensive stuff. You can grab some from the dollar store. Other than setting up the play area, it’s also the perfect time to keep your valuables. If you have figurines and other essential art pieces, you should keep them before your guests arrive.

4. Set drinks where guests can see them

Most of the time, guests are tired and parched when they arrive at their destination. Make them feel comfortable by setting a drink station or offering glasses and beverages once they settle. You can include snacks and other goodies on a tray. They’ll be delighted to find that you took the effort to look after their needs.

5. Design for relaxation in mind

Surely, you don’t want your guests to feel down or troubled while on their mini vacation. Therefore, you should design a guest room that can be associated with “rest” and “relaxation.” Besides keeping the area clean, you should place fresh linens and blankets on the bed. You can also add baskets for giving towels and toiletries. To make them feel pampered, you can also add robes and slippers.

6. Ensure there’s enough storage space

The guest room should have at least a bench or a luggage rack for their stuff. It can give them a place for their suitcase and other items they have along. But if your guests are staying for a few days, you should empty a few of your dressers and drawers. It gives your guests extra space to settle and unpack their things.

7. Give them something to bring home

Give them a full experience by providing a few sources of entertainment besides giving them the usual. If there’s a bookshelf in the room, you can fill it with books and magazines. It gives them something to read during their downtime. You can also place a few postcards in the room so they can have something to bring home. It also gives them to remember their wonderful time in your home.

8. Clean your bathroom

Don’t forget to check your bathroom. You must be sure it’s clean, and it smells fresh. You can place simple indulgences such as fresh flowers, lotions, and candles to spruce up the place. Moreover, it makes your bathroom welcoming and cozy.

9. Stock your bar and fridge with different beverages

Guests would appreciate having a few drinks after a busy day. Whether you spent the day shopping, sight-seeing or watching your favorite sport live, it’s much more fun to end the day with a shot or a cocktail. But, you don’t have to buy everything to come up with booze and mixers you can imagine. All you need are the basics – gin, dark or light rum, whiskey, scotch, vodka, and vermouth and Cointreau. As for mixers, you should have fruit juices, tonic water, club soda, ginger ale, diet, and regular cola as well as lemon-lime soda.

If you and your guests aren’t into alcohol, then you should explore the wonders of caffeine. You should have the basics of coffee preparation – a coffee grinder, coffee machine, and a kettle. Let your guests prepare a cup of coffee or cocoa. Don’t forget to have flavor add-ins like syrups, creamers, and spices.

If you were the guest, think of how you want them to treat you. It would give you an idea of how you can make your guests feel welcome and comfortable in your home. But, you can always follow these tips to ensure you don’t go wrong when having visitors come over.


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Surviving High School: The Basics for Better Grades and Performance

high school student answering on the board

Having a solid study routine is a must for every high schooler. Studying must be a priority for students who wish to get into a reputable university. However, good study habits are not only for getting good grades and better school performance. It’s also about fostering the practice of prioritizing education above other things.

Though students go to school every year, they still don’t have a grasp on how to effectively manage their time and workload. Most students go in and out of school without learning anything new. Others struggle to balance their limited time at home, after-school activities and weekend endeavors. Whatever it is you are experiencing, you should remember that you aren’t alone.

You can always get help from other people to find solutions to your crisis. On top of that, you can use these tips to survive in De La Salle Santiago Zobel Vermosa campus high school experience.

1. Take note of your homework

Once you step middle school, most teachers won’t remind you of what you should do. They also won’t hand you reminders about your homework due next week. It’s up to you to take note of your activities and remind yourself to do them before it’s due.

If you don’t want to miss any homework, you should write down all the homework assigned for the day. You can list them in a notebook or take notes using a note-keeping app on your phone. If you want to keep organized, you should use a planner. It helps you view how many days you have left before the deadline.

In reality, it doesn’t matter where you write your assignment notes as long as you list the due date, test date, and task.

2. Pack your things the night before

It should be part of your routine by now. You should pack your stuff before you get to bed and not during the morning. Preparing your books, homework, and stuff ensures you have everything you need for the next day. That way, you’ll avoid running late in case you wake up past your usual waking time

It also prevents you from leaving your homework at your desk. Consistently missing out on homework is one reason you have low grades. You can give your grades a boost by handing your work on time.

3. Clarify what you don’t understand

If you don’t understand something, you shouldn’t be shy to ask your teacher about it. If you’re shy to ask during the class, you can approach your teacher after the lesson. Clarify what he or she requires from the work assigned. If there’s an upcoming test or quiz, you should ask the coverage so you can prepare for it.

You should also consult your instructor if you don’t understand the grading system. Knowing the criteria for grading your paper or project lets you know which elements to focus on and which parts aren’t crucial. Lastly, speaking with your teacher improves your relationship. They can offer you advice when you’re struggling or assist you when you’re stuck in a topic.

4. Stay organized using color

You can assign a color to each subject. The shade you choose must be consistent with all the things you use. For example, you should use the same color of highlighter, sticky notes, and flags for Science. If you use green, you should stick to a particular hue. It becomes easy to remember things when you associate the subject with a color.

You can use your favorite color for topics you like or those that interest you. But if you have a hard time with a subject, you can use your favorite color as motivation. You’ll get twice the excitement to tackle the subject when you flag it with your best colors.

5. Have a study zone at home

You must set a working area at home. As much as possible, it must comprise a steady surface and comfortable chair. The spot must be appealing enough for you to put in the hours of studying. It must also be free of distractions. Don’t place toys or small stuff that can take your mind off your coursework.

You can look for a desk with drawers and a chair that supports your back. You can stock up your supplies in the drawer, so you don’t have to look far whenever you need them. Your study area must also be well-lit. You can push your desk by a window. It also helps when you have a lamp over the table. It provides the amount of light you need to focus on your work.

6. Prepare for tests

Besides studying the assigned material, you must also prepare for the conditions you will face when taking tests. For one, you should be mindful of your clothing. It’s difficult to take tests when you are freezing. The same is true when you are feeling hot. Thus, you should always check the weather before heading out.

You must also get your fill before taking any test. You don’t want your grumbling tummy to distract you from making the right choices. Eat breakfast at home. Don’t forget to pack a snack you can munch during the exam. But, you must also be wary of how much time you answer each question. Always wear a watch to see if you’re taking too much time on a problem.

These are some of the tips you must know to improve your grades and performance. Surviving high school is all about understanding what works for you and your learning style. These tips are just the basics, but you can add more as you learn more about yourself and progress with your high school journey.

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Polishing Your First Date: How To Be A Gentleman

picnic date at the park

The first date is your chance to make an impression. There’s a high chance you don’t know each other very well. Some dates were set up by their friends while others happen because of mutual interest. Whatever the circumstances you are in, you should ensure you are on your best behavior.

To have a successful date, you should first know what you will do. Are you going to invite him or her to dinner? Are you catching the latest blockbuster on the big screen? How about going to the carnival or amusement park? If you’re picking any of these for your date, you should have your tickets ready. You should see if Ayala Mall Cloverleaf cinema schedule has the movie times you want. You should have a reservation secured, so you are sure to have a table ready when you arrive at the restaurant.

After these things, you should check your closet. Be sure to you have an appropriate outfit. Avoid wearing something unflattering. Remember, your presentation is crucial at this stage. If he or she doesn’t like what he or she sees, then your chance of having a second date can be slim to none. Still, your date won’t only be looking at your clothing. He or she would also observe the way you act. No one wants to go out with an ass.

To ensure you don’t end up looking like a douche, here are some tips on how to be a gentleman. Be sure that you only act the part, but also embrace it. People can sense those who are genuine over those who are being phony.

Limit your touches

Respect the person’s space. Don’t touch your date without permission. You should always ask the person if they are comfortable with holding hands and other touches. You can hold their hand when going out of the car or placing your hand on their lower back to guide them in a crowd. Other than these instances, you should limit contact. Don’t drape your hand over their shoulder or hold them close.

Share your interests

Don’t keep to yourself the entire time. You go on a date to enjoy each other’s company and not stay silent and stiff as a statue. You should speak up and try talking about different topics until you find something that both interest you. But, you should talk in moderation. Don’t forget to give the other person time to share their story.

Get creative with your dates

You date doesn’t have to include a three-course meal in an expensive restaurant. There are several cheap date ideas you can do to impress your date. If you don’t have the money to spend for a night out, then you should start getting creative when planning for your date.

Avoid liquor

If you can’t handle alcohol, then you should avoid it at all costs. Don’t get drunk unless you want to end up looking like a fool. If you must take a few sips, you should alternate it with water. You can also select beverages with low alcohol content. These drinks won’t get you buzzed and have enough alcohol to help you get through the night.

Refrain talking about your past

Don’t start your date with heavy talk. Indeed, the goal is to get to know each other by the end of the night. But, talking about abandonment issues or other things that happened in your past won’t get you a second date. Your date looks forward to having fun while you prefer to wallow in your past and talk about your problems. It’s sign things won’t work out.

Don’t cuss

As much as possible, don’t mention any curse words during the date. Or, don’t ever say it out loud. Cursing says a lot about of your personality. For one, it makes you look like you’re trying too hard. No one wants to date a person who’s trying to look and sound cool. People want someone genuine. On top of that, you look like you don’t have manners. It’s not something you want to associate with yourself to appear as a gentleman.

Hold off your excitement

Your giddiness can come off as anxiety during your first date. It shows you are uncomfortable with yourself and aren’t able to control your emotions. Part of being a gentleman is being sensitive to how others perceive you. If you can’t hold off your enthusiasm, you can go for activities to take your mind off things. Having something to do keeps you busy and takes the pressure off maintaining the conversation. It’ll help you calm down and think clearly.

Don’t flash your credentials

Don’t talk about how your family spends vacation every year overseas or how you got your degree at an Ivy school. Your date is not an interview where you can flaunt your influence and wealth. It’s not a competition on who has more money or resources. You can’t sweep people off their feet through lavish gifts and treats. People look forward to having an unforgettable experience. They won’t have a fantastic time with you if you are too full of yourself.

These tips can only help you act like a gentleman on your first date. However, your real traits and personality remain when you don’t strive to change. You can build a flawless first impression. But as time passes, people begin to learn more about you that can make them change their mind.

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Modern Muse: How to Entertain Guests at Home


entertaining guests at home

Instead of making reservations or inviting your friend to catch up over coffee, you should consider entertaining at home. Hosting homemade entertainment over no-bake desserts is much more appealing and comfortable than meeting at Bonifacio High Street. In this age of instant gratification and online presence, people begin to yearn for a personal touch. They want to see how you’re doing. They want to visit your house. Most of all, they yearn for the coziness and familiarity of intimate home parties.

If you haven’t thought of hosting a dinner or a soiree, it’s time you should. Entertaining guests at home is much cheaper than dining in a restaurant. It’s also more fun than watching a movie by yourself. Don’t worry about not winging it the first time. You’ll get better as you get familiar with the setup. If you are in the dark on how to host your evening gathering, here are a few tips that’ll help you make it a success.

  1. Invite different kinds of people

Try not to invite groups of people who frequently meet each other. Instead, you should list people based on their interests. Similar interests mean there’s already something to talk about before dinner. Meanwhile, the guests’ individual experiences provide a break from the usual chatter.

Having different kinds of people opens up matchmaking opportunities. But, your invite should indicate if you are open to accepting a plus one. It would help you prepare more food or add a place at the dinner table.

  1. Keep your house free of clutter

Conceal everything that can be a source of stress or humiliation. Your home should project tranquility. You don’t want your guests to end up feeling uneasy or uncomfortable. Hide your kids’ toys, artwork or report cards. Keep only a handful of photos. Don’t display all of your family memories. Remove anything that can be a source of distraction. Use your party as an opportunity to throw or donate you don’t need or use.

  1. Make your home presentable

Clearing out your clutter is only the beginning. You also have to ensure to clean the areas where your guests will be present. If you plan to occupy the living room and dining area, then you should clean these places. On top of wiping surfaces and mopping the floor, you should also enhance the look of the room. You can light some scented candles and place some freshly cut flowers in the center of your dining table. Don’t be afraid to make changes as long as it ends up improving the look of your home.

  1. Check your bathroom

Don’t forget to check your bathroom. Though it’s a private space, its one place everyone will use. Be sure to hide your pills and out the things that shouldn’t be there. You should keep your bathrobe, tampons, and the laundry basket in your bedroom in the meantime. To increase the appeal of your bathroom, you can light a scented candle, hang some fresh towels, and have extra rolls of toilet paper.

  1. Prepare meals that are familiar to taste buds

You should serve a recipe that is familiar to everyone. No one cares if it’s the usual stuff they order at the restaurant. Home-cooked meals are no match for the frozen or deep-fried version. Also, you should attempt something you never tried. The recipe you found in Good Housekeeping can wait. You don’t want to waste all your time in the kitchen. The point of entertaining is to mingle and spend time with people so they won’t mind if you serve something ordinary like risotto.

  1. Serve no-cook snacks

You should prepare snacks on top of your main course. Don’t make people wait for you to pop the roast out of the oven. Ensure they have something to nibble while you are still preparing. Nuts, slices of cheese with crackers, and cured meat are some examples of what you can serve on a tray. You can add a bowl of chips on the side if you’re running low on supplies.

  1. Set up a bar and let your guests help themselves with drinks

Give your guests the freedom to guzzle the drink they want. Set up an open bar instead of pouring everyone a drink. Pull out a few bottles of wine and some iced beers on a spot where there is a consistent flow of traffic. They can quickly grab a drink and go on their way. You should have a pitcher of water nearby. Of course, don’t forget to bring out some glasses. Guests are sure to be thirsty when they arrive. You shouldn’t run to the kitchen back and forth to get a bottle of beer or serve wine. Filling a cooler with ice and a variety of drinks is another replacement for an open bar.

Entertaining at home shouldn’t be stressful. It should be the least of your worries. These tips are what you need to prep your home for an intimate party. With these tips as your guide, you won’t get lost even if it’s your first time entertaining.

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