Productive Offices: Ways to Organize Your Home Office Desk to Inspire Productivity


“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and get to work” -Stephen King


It has been said that productivity is not an accident, but rather a commitment to efficiency and effectiveness insomuch that you can produce consistent quality results.

Realistically however, we cannot expect ourselves to maintain the same consistent strain in productivity day in and day out as there are occasional days wherein we would feel more sluggish than usual. As a result, this same sluggishness would then cause our productivity and efficiency efforts to dip. This is particularly true for individuals who work from home–in bedrooms especially. Unless you work in an office or have a designated space in an office for rent in BGC elsewhere, chances are you would largely be confined to a domestic environment with only a desk for a makeshift workspace. In this regard, you would then be perpetually surrounded by an environment that makes you relaxed rather than inspired to work which is rather counterintuitive in a working space–even when it happens to be at home. However, this does not have to be the case as with your committed effort to spruce up and organize your space, you can get more done. So, start the new year right and spend a few hours cleaning or even dedicate a day to organizing and getting a firm handle on your home office this weekend. Here are some of the simple tips that will show you how you can get started on this endeavor and would walk you through each step throughout the entire process. When all of it is done, you can certainly get more done in less time and who knows? You might even be able to see what the tops of your desks looked like once upon a time:


Get an organizational system in place

Before picking up the dusting brush and wiping cloth, it is imperative that you get an organizational system in place first to ensure that your organizing efforts would not be futile. Take note: Every single thing you pick up from your desk or off the floor needs a designated storage place to be put in. In this regard, you need to have a rational system for organizing everything you have in and on your desk. Some of the tools you can utilize to organize your office would include an inbox where you can put all of your paper files and documents. However, keep in mind that this is not a permanent storage container which means that you cannot have any paper document sitting in there for more than a week. Next you need a trash basket, a shredder and a recycling container and lastly a filing cabinet.

 Sweep your desk clean

Cleaning your home office is to help you get organized and one of the best ways to do that is to begin with your desk. If you have not done any sprucing up lately or started on any organization endeavor, there is a likely chance that your desk would be buried under stacks upon stacks of documents, office supply clutter and random post-its here and there. To start off, your desk should be devoid of everything except for your computer, printer and your desk phone. If you have not seen the surface of your desk in a while, think of this as an opportunity to do some cleaning up. From there, go through every item that was once on your desk and consider how often or how infrequent you use it. If you have never used it, then you might want to put it aside and prioritize only those office supplies you see yourself using on a regular basis.

Organize your filing cabinet

If you wish to free up precious space in your home office, invest in a good filing cabinet that allows you to store your documents. Apart from ensuring that these documents can be secured through lock and key, be sure to invest in a fireproof one to guarantee your documents will stay intact in the event of a fire. Some of the things you should store here are birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, titles, car titles and the like. If you wish, you can also keep these in your bank’s safety deposit box. To maximize storage space, organize the things and documents within and make sure you buy a four-drawer filing cabinet. File your documents accordingly and do not simply pile papers upon papers in there or you might as well forget about buying the filing cabinet. Create a system for which you can organize your files. Whether it is numerical, color-coded or through priority is entirely up to you. Just ensure that the system works for you and to have every file appropriately labeled and place in the proper place. Remember, you should not have to spend more than five minutes just looking for a single document.

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Boosting Work Productivity: New Year Resolutions to Inspire Workplace Productivity


“You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you do not decide, others will decide for you.”-Tony Morgan


A significant fraction of our time is spent at work insomuch that most of our days are spent on making a living and somehow make ends meet.

For some, the grueling day-to-day routine can be a bit too much that there would be inevitable days spent in sluggish work torpor without getting anything done. However, while this is normal, this should not become a habitual practice in the workplace as it can severely affect work performance. In this regard, why not spend the beginning of the calendar year for work coming up with resolutions to boost productivity and actually commit to maintain them and seeing them through for the rest of the year? After all, if you can maintain the same resolutions for an entire year, you might just see them become your good work habits. Regard the New Year as a clean slate and usher it in with a bang by strengthening your resolve to save time, focus on work tasks, create common goals, align teams and even introducing a bit of social element to work while boosting its overall quality. Of course, to be realistic, your resolutions have to be attainable; they do not need to be anything drastic that would require changes effective immediately.

Slowly but surely is key and work your way up and before you know it, you will have made significant progress in accomplishing your company and work goals. Remember, even the smallest tweaks and shifts in perspective can already be helpful as it encourages and helps a team refocus their attention and individual employees look forward to something positive so as to improve overall workplace productivity. More importantly, work done inspired by healthy work-life balance would inspire individuals and employees to engender habits that would enhance the general mood and ambiance in the office. As a result, work-related stress would be significantly reduced on a daily basis. So, whether you are working in an office such as Ayala Triangle or elsewhere, incorporate these work productivity resolutions in your own personal ones and commit to sticking with them for the entirety of the year:


Give your physical workspace new life

What is the Feng Shui in the office like? Are things in disarray? Are the desks disorganized? Are the things cluttered or is the workflow awkward? Take note that the space you occupy the entire day plays a pivotal impact on your overall health and mood. Incidentally, it affects your workplace productivity, so ensure that you look for ways to refresh it. If budget permits, hire the services of a professional or ask an organizational expert to help you with suggestions.


Have an acknowledgement board set up

Motivating your employees and sharing the workplace love do so much more than just boost their morale. It actually does wonders to their health as well and inspires them to produce better work. But it takes more than just a congratulatory word and a pat at the back for some (but those work just as great as well). However, if you truly want to show your employees that you recognize and appreciate their efforts, dedicate a feature board situated in your common space that would feature client accolades, gratitude for team successes and efforts, recognition for team members and the like. Spice it up by injecting a bit of color into it and make it fun. More importantly, allow your employees showcase their personalities and characters outside of their work-related tasks. Sure, a spoken congratulatory word may do just fine but having your employees see their accomplishments every single day reminds them of their successes and inspires others to emulate their example.


Offer scheduled yoga, meditation or exercise opportunities (during and after work)

To take the stress off taxing work weeks, dedicate a day where you schedule fitness activities such as yoga and meditation. Alternatively, you can opt to have a dance class as an exercise opportunity. On busy days, it is not as easy to slip away and grab some fresh air and it might even cut into your employee’s time for the gym. Ensure that everyone stays fit and motivated by offering a group time where people can join in as they wish. Apart from keeping employees fit, it also helps them cultivate cross-team relationships.


Schedule a walking meeting to stay committed to work needs

Sure, you can easily use the conference room for all of your meetings but after a while, the routine can get a tad bit repetitive and tedious. Inject a bit of spice by encouraging your employees to go on walking meetings which would allow them to get on top of work tasks while getting their dose of fresh air. More importantly, walking gets the blood pumping and can be a good alternative for when all conference rooms are full or when there is no dedicated space for meetings. Plus, a change of scenery can inspire wonders in terms of sparking creativity.


Have a new workplace tradition

Traditions are fun and it gives your employees something to look forward to each day, week or month. Traditions can range from monthly potlucks, weekly most organized desks to the funniest joke of the day. These ideas are fairly straightforward and simple but they can make all the difference in a workplace and its resultant productivity.

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Aesthetic Homes: Five Things You Should Throw Away to Make Way for Cleaner Homes this 2019!


“When your environment is clean, you feel happy, motivated and healthy.” –Lailah Gifty Akita


Happiness…is a freshly cleaned house.

And what better way to usher in a new year than being welcome home in a newly spruced up pad, right? Indeed, the best way to greet the year is to ensure that you would only include the fresh and better things this 2019. The best way to go about this is to purge your homes from all of the unwanted clutter, organize your spaces and discard items that have been taking up valuable storage space in the past twelve months (or even longer).

Sprucing up our living spaces as well as organizing it would simplify our lives. More importantly, by getting rid of things that no longer serve their purpose (or have absolutely no use in our lives) would make our lives a lot easier and our homes more comfortable. Unfortunately, if we have not done any spring cleaning (or any sort of de-cluttering endeavor) in the past year, the mess can be pretty overwhelming. As a result, we may not know where to start. To help you prepare for your total home cleanse—whether your homes may be a BGC condo or a residential flat elsewhere—here are some of the things you should get rid to make room for a better and cleaner 2019:


Unwanted Toiletries

If you have hoarded toiletries or purchased quite a lot of them, there is a big chance that you would have many of them unopened. This is also true for frequent travelers who tend to hoard travel-sized toiletries. While all of these have their own respective uses, they do expire after quite some time. And let us face it; you cannot realistically use all of them before they expire. In this regard, donate them in homeless and women’s shelters where they would be appropriately used.


Worn-Out Bedding and Towels

These items might have once served their purpose but now that they are worn and no longer serviceable, they are doing nothing but taking up all the extra room in your closet. However, do not go discarding your worn-out beddings and towels by immediately throwing them in the bin. You can give them a new life by using them as towels for your pets or donating them to animal shelters or vet clinics. After all, would it not be more satisfying to see your favorite blankets used by your beloved pets rather than inside trash bins?


Spare Hangers

Spare hangers may be handy for when you have extra clothes that require hanging. Unfortunately, keeping spare hangers would be feasible only if you have a storage area for them, otherwise they would only be taking up space in your wardrobes. If your closets are overflowing with hangers then it might be best to have a collection bin for them right beside your closets so that they will not stack up on your closet hanging rods.


Spices and Spice Packets

Like your toiletries, these too have an expiration date that might have escaped your notice. Spices and spice packets you have not used should be discarded if they are way past their expiration date—especially those that have been opened. To ensure the level of freshness of a specific spice, check the expiration date and determine whether it is time to throw it out. On that note, only ever purchase spices when you do need them. Remember, you do not every spice there is in production unless you run a home restaurant and are a cook by profession.



With everything digital nowadays, it is truly a wonder why you insist on holding onto these. If you have cookbooks lying around with your favorite recipes, photograph or scan them then discard the cookbooks or donate them. There is a very big chance that they are hogging up valuable space in your coffee table or side tables, so go digital and donate your physical copies instead.

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Home Buying 101: Four Signs You Have Found the Right House


“If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Do not settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know it when you find it.” –Steve Jobs


Buying a home can be a rather grueling and trying process. Apart from the endless considerations you have to make, you also have a budget to consider. However, despite all that, home buying is also regarded as one of the most exciting moments in one’s life. After all, nothing quite compares to the sense of fulfillment and achievement one will inevitably feel once a real estate deal has been made and finalized. In fact, it might even feel something like a milestone in life wherein you are finally able to afford something as significant as a piece of real estate—an investment for the future if you may. Indeed, there are only a few things in life that feel more fulfilling than finally being able to buy and secure your own house.

More often than not, your first piece of real estate property would be something you have significantly saved up for. In this regard, it is best not to make light of the selection process and be a little discerning in picking out the best property that would suit you and your family’s needs. Buying a home is a major decision-making process that should not be done arbitrarily as the right kind of home would inevitably determine what kind of home life you will have in the future. In any case, whether this is the first time you are buying a home by yourself or whether this property would serve as a crucial upgrade to your existing property, know that there are ways to determine whether a particular house is the right fit for you. Sure, it might seem like much of the pressure stems from making the right choice—after all, you do not save a significant amount of money just to potentially waste it on real estate property that is practically without value, right? However, know that taking a strategic approach in this endeavor can help you a long way regardless of whether you are opting to buy an Ametta place for sale or a condo in QC. Here are some of the signs that would help you determine whether you have found the right home or not:


It does not hurt your budget

It is of no question that a real estate property’s asking price would play a pivotal factor in whether or not it would sell easily or not. We can all have our sets of wants and standards for the home we want but at the end of the day, we would still be constrained and bound to the budget we have. Our budget is not limitless, so it is imperative to find a home that sits well with our pockets. After all, there is absolutely no point in buying a home that might meet all of your needs and wants and yet would render you broke. Take note: Your home should be a place that comforts you. It should not be a place that reminds you of your mortgage payments every single time you walk into it.

It adequately meets your must-have list

Admittedly, every homeowner has a set of wants in which he or she would put in comparison against every prospective real estate property they would see and consider. However, do know that while it is perfectly fine to have a list of wants, you should not disregard your needs in favor for your dream home. Do some prioritizing and know what your family needs and what your lifestyle demands. From there, decide what your must-have home features are and what your nice to have preferences will be. Everyone’s list might be different, but some of the things you might want to consider would invariably include a good location that is close to work, enough bedrooms for everyone and an extra bathroom. Compromising might be something you will inevitably find yourself resorting to when hunting for real estate property, but when it comes to your must-haves and needs, it is a good idea to stick to the list rather than go with a concession.

The neighborhood is perfect

Do not make the mistake of falling in love with a house to quick without checking to see if you actually like the neighborhood where it is found first. Remember, you are buying a home which inevitably means that you are buying into the neighborhood and community as well. Look at the surrounding area of your potential community and see if you are happy with it. Does the neighborhood look safe? Are there any public utility vehicles nearby? Can you realistically see yourself living with the neighbors in your community? Take a gander at the community first and explore it before you even think about submitting an offer.

You are not interested in seeing other homes

As clichéd as this might sound, sometimes finding the right home is a lot like falling in love in a sense that you are no longer interested in seeing someone else. When house hunting, it is pretty much saying that you are no longer interested to see any other properties other than the one you have found. When you find the one, the excitement of seeing other houses would die down and all you could ever think about is securing that dream property. With any luck, it might just even fit your budget. However, if you wish to be thorough, you might want to check other properties as well but you will find yourself thinking about only one property all throughout the process.

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Home Management: Choosing the Right Hospital

hospital ward in quezon city
Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

Health is an important aspect of life. Unlike other things in life, you cannot buy your health. You can only look for ways to improve and take care of yourself. With that in mind, you must look for healthcare institutions and establishments that offer the best care. The clinic or hospital must have the latest devices, and the physicians must employ the latest practices in providing cures and the right treatment.

More often than not, selecting a hospital is at the back of the mind. You don’t think about it unless there is an emergency or a loved one is seriously ill. Instead of waiting for these scenarios, it’s best to think ahead. Consider your options. Though there are several hospitals committed to offering the highest quality of service and performance, it can be tricky to find the right health services and facility for a specific need. Even a Qualimed Hospital may not be the one for you and your family.

To find a hospital that fits the bill, here are some pointers to ponder on before or during decision-making.

Ask questions to help you assess different healthcare providers

Like other establishments, hospitals aren’t the same. Each one has a specific culture and specialty. The staff, clinicians, nurses, and doctors available won’t be the same in other hospitals even if they are in the same district. The same for its facilities and features. Some hospitals have advanced technology while others are lagging. Others have limited quarters, clinics and space in the lobby while some are generous with space. Others offer affordable services in contrast to those which provide free healthcare assistance and treatment plans.

To arrive at a decision, here are some questions to help you pick the right hospital:

  • Does the hospital provide a document or assign its staff to explain your rights and responsibilities as a patient?
  • What type of doctors is part of your treatment?
  • How can you reach them and inform them of your needs when they are out?
  • Are there social workers on call?
  • What is the hospital’s success rate in the medical procedure you need?
  • How many procedures has it performed?
  • How often is the procedure done?
  • What is the hospital’s mortality rate?
  • What is the hospital’s surgical site infection rate?

Use these questions as your guide in finding the right hospital and care provider. If you have other concerns, you should address them before you settle on a single choice.

Find out if the staff, physicians, and nurses are committed to quality.

It is essential to pick a hospital that satisfies all your requirements. If not, then you are selecting a facility that makes you feel unsure and half-hearted. Satisfactory customer service must be part of your needs. The hospital must be able to help you feel comfortable and at home. The staff might not be at your every beck and call, but they must at least be caring and responsible for their patients. They must be able to uphold the standard of providing high-quality service.

A hospital that is accredited through self-assessment and external peer assessment process is a must. Even if already certified, the hospital must have regular on-site surveys to review its medical and nursing care, physical condition, life safety program, pharmaceutical services, individual care units, and infection control procedures. Doing is a way of ensuring that the quality of patient care and employee performance meets the standard or goes beyond it.

Recognize the hospital for its reputation

There’s a reason why people are loyal to a physician or clinic. As more people patronize them, they begin to build their reputation. Their reviews and feedbacks is something to watch out for when looking for a healthcare provider. You might hear that one hospital has the best surgeon in town or a highly recommended pediatrician. Sometimes, a specific hospital gets terrible reviews. If that’s the case, you should take things with a grain of salt. It’s a must to watch out for the hospital’s reputation, but it won’t prove how effective it is in treating their patients if you don’t try it.

See if it has competent nurses

Remember, the nurses affect the quality of the patient’s hospital experience. The doctor might pop in once or twice, but nurses are with you and the patient most of the time. Thus, a highly-skilled and certified nursing staff is a must for any hospital. It’s also equally important to have a balanced nurse-to-patient ratio, so patients remain comfortable and well-assisted during while receiving their treatment.

Prioritize location and accessibility

During an emergency, the first thing that comes to mind is to look for a hospital within the neighborhood. If you still have time to look for alternatives, then you should begin hunting for a Qualimed Hospital or other hospital systems that offer the treatment plan you need. For safety reasons and other concerns when it comes to transportation, you should pick a hospital that provides shuttle service. If private transport isn’t available, you should opt for a facility that is along the city’s thoroughfares. For instance, you should select the one you can reach via public utility vehicles (PUVs), buses and trains.

Maximize your health card and other privileges

If you already have a trusted surgeon, then you can limit your choices to facilities where he or she can practice medicine. Some doctors are limited to specific clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals. It makes it easy to select between the available options as you can select those which are near and highly available to your location. It also helps you choose a hospital you are comfortable to stay and receive treatment.

Another thing to take note of when looking for a facility is the compatibility of your health card and other privileges. As much as possible, the hospital must be a partner of your health insurance provider. Choosing an accredited hospital helps you save money on room rates, medicine, and other medical expenses.

When choosing a hospital, it is wise to look for the one that gives the most benefits. It doesn’t only help you get the most value for your money. It also enables you to find a facility that fits the bill.

Real Estate 101: Sell Your Home Fast

sell house fast home for sale

Sometimes, selling a home becomes a challenge. The challenge depends on the season and the state of the market during different times of the year. Some days you might experience the incredible highs and plateaus that comes with the season. During this time, it’s best to take advantage of placing your house for sale.

However, there are days when the market declines. Investors become frustrated and begin to wonder how to get their next sale or close a deal. The supply of houses surpasses the demand thereby compromising your property’s price and position in the market.

However, regardless of the sporadic state of the demand for houses, there are other ways of selling your home swiftly without having to compromise its actual value when it comes to pricing. Because let us face us when you have lived somewhere for so long, a certain sentimentality grows, and it would be hard to part with an Avida Towers Sola condo unit or house and lot bought at a parsimonious price. If you are looking forward to sell your homes fast amidst a stiff competition without having to negotiate with your decided price, read on below.

1. Be realistic about the price

It may be true that living somewhere for so long could grow on you and add a sentimental feel to your property, the same is not necessarily true for your buyers. Sure, that spot right behind the kitchen counter is where you made a groundbreaking idea for a new novel and that little stain beyond the front door is reminiscent of the result of you housebreaking your pet. These do nothing for buyers if anything some of them may even cause the decline of the real value of your home. So be realistic about the price of your property and see if you installed anything in your home that may either increase or decrease the cost. Do not let nostalgia cloud your pricing judgment.

2. Improve the property’s aesthetic appeal

It is only customary to make the right first impression on your potential home buyers. So, with this in mind, consider what they may think when they drive up your property initially. Survey your home from the street and observe it from every angle. Does it look clean? Is it attractive? Or would it need that maintenance you promised you would do a couple of years ago? When something has been yours for quite some time, it can be a challenge to see it objectively. Seeing as this is the case, ask for some assistance from real estate professionals, friends or even prospective buyers on how you can make a better impression.

3. Sweeten the deal

Make your deal and your home attractive to potential buyers by offering flexible terms or things that may potentially sweeten the pot. One example of doing this is to give the buyers a discount on the closing costs or even pay it entirely—these are the types of deals that would receive more attention from house hunters. And in a sporadic market such as real estate, it is imperative to make your home deal attractive and tempting to house hunters. Give them an irresistible deal and do your best to make them feel like they are getting one.

4. Get your home in the ‘move in‘ position

Aesthetics play a pivotal role in selling your homes but consider that necessary fixtures such as doors, electrical and plumbing fixtures as well as appliances would play an equally important role in determining the pace of which your house sells. The idea here is to make sure that your house is in move-in or even livable condition that would give potential purchasers the impression that they can move right in than having to designate time and money in doing certain repairs.

5. Work with the right realtor

Sometimes, the issue doesn’t lie with you. You can attribute not being able to sell your property to the agent who works with you. The right agent won’t only know the type of buyers to reach out to, but he or she also helps you groom and stage your property. He or she tells you if your home has detractors such Christmas lights in the middle of the year, pet accessories in the open, or dust on surfaces. The realtor takes notice of these things and helps you attend to them immediately as he or she is invested in selling the property as you are.

It’s best to shop around before settling with a professional. Read reviews from past customers of the real estate agency you chose. Ask friends or relatives about the realtor they worked with to see if he or she can provide what you need. Most of all, he or she must have the skill set your property requires. If you’re set on selling a fixer-upper, then you must work with someone who has a knowledge on this type of property. Moreover, he or she must have a background in interior design or construction.

6. Take professional photos

It’s not enough to host an open house. As a seller, you must also create an online listing to spread the news about your property. Having an online listing also increases your chances of inviting people into your open house. You can hire a professional to snap photos or ask someone who knows how to do it. That way, you don’t have to spend too much on pictures. Schedule your shoot during a sunny day. Natural light highlights the best features of your home.

Take as much photos you want. It must cover all of your spaces to make your home appear warm and inviting. Before snapping pictures, you should clear rooms of any signs of life. Clear counters, minimize clutter and remove personal items. Keep family and other personal things out of sight. Most of all, take your pet for a walk. Not all homeowners fancy the idea of having a pet in their property.

Whether you are struggling to sell your property or not, these are the tips to remember when looking for a property buyer. Several factors can influence your ability and chance of closing a deal. Think about this before you feel frustrated. Remember, resources and guides that can assist you in your selling journey.

10 Habits to Improve Your Health

healthy habits carrot exercise

At times, it can be challenging to maintain your health. There are lots of obstacles to encounter. For instance, your ride going home can be depressing. You’ll be on the train with middle-aged professionals who frown at you when you get in their personal space – it’s not your fault the train is crowded. On top of that, you pass by fast food restaurants and convenience stores that offer cheap meals. Worse, the prices of fruits, vegetables, and other products are rising.

When you’re living within your means and constantly surrounded by these scenarios, you can easily attribute being unhealthy towards your surroundings. Practically, almost everything is becoming expensive and unattainable. It’s like there’s no way for you to be healthy. Fortunately, there always an answer. It might not be clear to you, but with the tips below you can look at the bright side of things.

Below are the habits you must curate to be healthy.

1. Getting your food stock at a farmer’s market

To get fresh meat, seafood, and crops, you must visit an organic market Manila. It’s the best place to get the ingredients you need to prepare nutritious meals. At the same time, it’s a way to support local growers. You backyard raisers and farmers with their initiative. You help the local economy thrive as you purchase the products from small businesses instead of supermarkets.

2. Becoming optimistic

If you want to be healthy, you should try your best looking on the bright side of things. You should avoid complaining and divert your energy to creative pursuits. You should implement changes in your life to alter the course of your life. Fostering a positive mental attitude can improve the quality of your relationships and your life. Most of all, it encourages you to stick with the choices that promote a healthy lifestyle.

3. Doing exercises you enjoy

To road to becoming healthy requires the person to become proactive. You must not only pick up healthy items from the grocery. You must also become active in pursuing the activities you enjoy. The road fitness is picking up an activity you want to do and leaving what you don’t appreciate at the door. For instance if you enjoy running, you should take time to visit the quad or jogging trail. If you enjoy walking, you should walk in the park or discover new spots around your neighborhood. The form of exercise you take is entirely up to you as long as you do the things you enjoy.

4. Preparing meals before you need them

The downside of being healthy is that you spend most of your time making food. You have to cut vegetable o be picky with the ingredients you include in your dish. You must expend additional effort if you want to have healthy food at home. Thus, you learn to prepare food before you need them. You might cook them during the weekends or whip up the recipe during your free time. Most of all, you will learn to schedule meals and freeze them properly.

5. Prioritizing their health

Healthy people have priorities too. It’s ensuring that their bodies are in excellent condition. Being healthy takes work even if it’s a gift. Therefore, they don’t waste their bodies and abuse it. They listen to it. They enrich their lives by adopting healthy practices and other habits that improve the quality of their living. Of course, it’s not the only thing they have in their life. They also make a conscious decision to set aside time for their family, friends, work and their passion.

6. Balancing the good and the bad

Healthy doesn’t mean boring. Healthy people might stay away from the things that aren’t great for their health, but it doesn’t suggest they are boring. They know how to balance the unhealthy from those that are. Once in a while, they allow their bodies to indulge. Whether it is a chunky brownie, salt and vinegar chips, or fried chicken, they allow themselves to have enough without making themselves feel guilty. That means bingeing is out of the window.

7. Skipping diets

You won’t find dieting in the lives of ‘real’ healthy people. It’s because dieting is a quick fix. It’s like using a band-aid to mend an illness that requires consistent treatment. It won’t fix anything that needs your attention for a long-term approach. If you wish to be healthy, you should forget about dieting. Instead, you should focus on improving your eating habits. The answer always lies in the food you eat as well as your other lifestyle choices. Crash dieting is never the answer.

8. Picking the right crew

You are likely to improve your health and your habits when you choose people who have the habits you want for yourself. Hence, you should surround yourself with people who have healthy behaviors. When you have these people, you begin to share sentiments. You meet a partner to shoot hoops or practice your serves. You’ll also have people to inspire you to make changes in your life. However, it doesn’t mean that you must abandon your unhealthy “enablers.” You can still maintain your friendships even if you found people who can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

9. Making excuses is not an option

The best thing about being a healthy person is the learning you get from your experience. If you want to be healthy, you’ll discover that making excuses is not a habit you should foster. Instead, you take responsibility for your actions. You become accountable for your decisions instead of unwanted circumstances towards external factors.

Being healthy is a decision. Accepting these habits as part of your life is part of making that decision. Notice how your life changes as you refuse mediocrity and allow the beautiful things that can happen when you embrace these habits.