10 Ways To Watch Quality Family Movies at Home

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Watching a movies takes your mind off things. It gives you an hour or more to focus on the screen and trace its plot. When you include your family in your screening time, it becomes an instant family quality time.

The best way to chill with the fam or spend a Saturday indoors is to watch a film at home. It saves you from long lines in checking the Vertis North cinema schedule and rude moviegoers. Most of all, it keeps your bucks from movie tickets and overpriced snacks.

If you are keen on watching quality family movies at home, you must try these ten steps to prep for the event.

1. Pick a movie.


You can’t start a film showing without a movie. Use this time to introduce a different genre to the team. You can also catch up on family favorites or cinema classics.

Disney movies are a hit with the children. Meanwhile, comedy and action are perfect for the boys. Rom-com and high school drama are some movies to bond with the girls at home.

2. Schedule who picks the movie.

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Adults aren’t the only ones who must choose what you will watch. Include everyone during the movie selection. You can take turns on who picks the film for the night. Setting a schedule avoids confusion and arguments between whose turn is it.

3. Prep the place.


Location matters. You are staying in your home for its unique ambiance and comfort. You can hang a swing in the backyard, seat on beach chairs or mats for an outdoor showing.

You can also take movie night on the road. Have the film while on vacation or at your grandparents or cousin’s home.

You can also have a theme. Recreate the setup of the movie you’re about to see. Does it have animals or dragons? Add some stuff toys or recreate a barn for Charlotte’s Web.

You can also make a home cinema. Make tickets and print them out. Set up assigned seats (with numbers *wink*). Fill a box with candies, drinks, popcorn or chips. Install a movie projector or a large screen for that silver screen effect. Don’t forget to switch off the light!

4. Don’t be stationary.


Make it a film showing to remember. Play some games. Think of an activity to do while the movie runs. You can practice dance steps if you’re catching up on High School Musical or Step Up series.

You can also belt some tunes if you’re up for a musical. Sing along with Rewrite The Stars or How Far I’ll Go. No one can contain themselves once someone starts singing.

Have a friendly competition! You can start a drinking game, exercise, or something to get you moving.

5. Dress up before showing up.


Suggest wearing a costume. The movie screening becomes twice as fun when you have the chance to copy your favorite character. It also gives everyone an opportunity to unleash their creativity.

You can set a few rules like using household materials or existing closet items to make an outfit.

6. Get creative with seating.

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Use blankets, pillows, carpeting, coffee table and leftover cardboard to make a fort, castle, or a car. Use your imagination to make comfy seats. Use as much material you need to end up with comfortable seating.

7. Personalize your snacks.


Picking a horror movie? Why not make some spider trifle, bloody velvet cake, ghosty S’mores dip, Dracula dentures, and pumpkin patch brownies.

You can also try a pimple cupcake, picarones, sweet rice cakes, or mochi, or avocado ice cream. Ensure everyone helps during the preparation to double the fun.

8. Set the movie date.


Don’t forget to block your movie screening on your calendars. It’s best to set it on a weekly or monthly basis everyone can attend. It gives everyone a chance to participate in creating happy memories.

9. Send invites.


Don’t forget to send invites to remind each one of the movie dates. It can be a simple message, e-mail, or a text blast. You can also make a Facebook group chat or invitation to remind them what to prepare and be on time.

10. Get a clear copy of the movie.


Whether it’s on Blu-ray, Netflix or Torrent download, ensure that you have the HD copy. No one wants to see a person’s head or hear unwanted background noises. Look for the movie days before your home screening.

If it isn’t available, look or suggest for a few substitutes.

Besides the entertainment value from the movie, you can receive love and joy for those who see the film with you. Make the most of your film viewing with these ten tips.


For Fresh Grads: Splitting Bills With A Roomie

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Fresh grads come out of college with hope, time and energy. Unfortunately, they don’t have the cash to pay the monthly bills for the apartment or condo. There are the maintenance fees, rental dues, parking tickets, groceries, and others.

The best solution to survive the low-income bracket is by sharing the space you’re renting. Broaching the topic of money isn’t easy to everyone. It’s considered taboo, and for some, it’s off-limits. If you don’t want to let go of your place, you must start making friends at the serviced office Makati you go to and tackle finance troubles with your roommate/s.

The Reality of Renting

Renting is less costly than owning a house. You don’t have to think of repairs and maintenance fees especially when the rental fee covers it. However, don’t take your rental rate for granted. It can hike up annually depending on the owner’s will. The charge also takes up most of your income next to groceries and transportation.

Thus, you must settle on a place enough for two. If you have a big place, it’s better to invite other tenants to occupy the available space. It lessens your contribution as more people share the full amount. It’s best to share the rent amount equally. It makes each tenant responsible for maintaining the property.

Don’t forget to disclose rent payment options to your roomies. Renting isn’t similar to staying in a hotel. The bill will stagger, and the owner will force you to evacuate if you don’t settle your payment on time. Establish house rules early on to prevent such instances.

Utility Bills

Electric, water, and telecom bills are part of your apartment’s monthly expenses. These also take a big chunk of your income. If you have no regard for the numbers on each of your account statements, you will all be in big trouble. Plugging too many devices, using the aircon and electric fan at the same time, running the bath, and making telebabad (spending too much time on the landline) can hike your bills. It will put you in a financial rut even if four of you contribute to pay the amount.

Be aware of how you consume your resources. Are any of you plugging unnecessary or duplicate appliances? Do you use hot water and blowdry every single day? All of these are conveniences that raise your electric meter to the roof. Let your housemates know of the situation. Encourage talks and hold brainstorming sessions to find alternatives and solutions.


The food budget is simple. It becomes complicated once you factor in the likes and dislikes of your roomie. Most households make separate decisions on grocery shopping. To each their own. It’s not your fault if they starve because you already set boundaries.

Like money, food is a fickle subject for roomies. Each person has a distinct palate. Each one has something they want to eat today which the other person ate earlier. That’s why it’s best to go on separate ways with grocery shopping.

If you decide to pool your income to stock up your fridge and pantry, make sure you clear who foots the grocery bill for the week. Some housemate can forget to budget after their paycheck. They go overboard buying clothes, bags, and shoes only to be penniless afterward. A shortage of food will not only keep you hungry. It will also ruin friendships.

Bills = Responsibility

You must recognize the truth of being an adult. It comes with a lot of responsibilities. Keeping track of your monthly expenses is one of them. Since money is a scarce resource, you must plan and delegate to pay off the rent, utility statements, and budget for groceries. It prevents you from having a mini heart attack once the end of the month arrives.

Also, don’t forget the importance of accountability. Keep all the receipts, checks and statement accounts. When things go south, you have something to show your so-called “roomies.”

Packing 101: Five Things You Should Definitely Discard Before You Move


“There is always a sadness about packing. I guess you wonder if where you are going is as good as where you have been.” –Richard Proenneke

No doubt, packing your belongings can be quite the challenge.

After all, sorting the things you have accumulated all of your life is no easy feat. Metaphorically speaking, it is pretty much packing your entire life and categorizing them into different boxes. From that perspective alone, you would see it is not a one-day affair but a process you have to divide into segments and approach with a thorough plan. However, much like any sound and sensible packing strategy, there is, decluttering is not only a pivotal aspect but an inevitable one as well. For some, this may create a damper and a pall on the move and what would have been an exciting prospect. Unfortunately, if you are moving to a smaller space, looking to downsize or adapt to the minimalist lifestyle, tossing out some things you no longer need is inescapable.

You should not miss these stuff too much though as cutting your clutter in half is actually good before a move. In fact, getting rid of all your extraneous junk is recommended as not only would it facilitate an easier move, but it could potentially cut your moving costs. Furthermore, you will not have too many boxes to unpack, and you may avoid renting a storage unit as well. So, whether you are relocating to downsize or moving into a bigger space such as in a luxury condo Makati, here are things you definitely need to throw out as you would no longer need them:

1.) Clothing you have not worn for years

Before sorting out your stuff into boxes and categories, check the items in your closet. There is a likely chance that you would have some sartorial items that have not seen the light of day for years now. Why are you holding onto them? Are you hoping that one day they would make a cyclical comeback and be considered fashionable again? Well, they are only adding to the clutter and let us be real here: it is not likely that you will be wearing them anytime soon. So, get rid of those ghost of fashion’s past and purge your closet.

2.) Coffee mugs

Over the years, you might have accumulated more mugs than you could have ever imagined. They might have been given as gifts, souvenirs or even as award items. Nonetheless, there is a chance that some of these are already chipped or have handles missing. In any case, if you find your kitchen to be dominated by mostly mugs, then you already have an idea where you should start purging. Do not let these weigh you down and start donating them or discarding them responsibly.

3.) Unwanted DVD’s and CD’s

In a modern and digital age wherein everything is directly downloaded into your computers and smartphones, does anyone really have any use for DVDs and CDs? Well, for some, owning these can be quite the novelty and brings out the nostalgia whenever we do insert them into their respective players. But what about those CD’s and DVD’s that you have accumulated over them but do not have any real use for? Well, when it comes to decluttering for a move, these dated items should go. By getting rid of them, you will effectively create room for things that you can actually use in the future. Sure, the collection will look impressive in your new home, but with almost everything available to stream, they would be rendered merely decorative and no longer practical.

4.) Books

Before you go and shake your head at the absurdity of throwing out your books, read on first. Sure, you can hoard as many books as you wish and bring them with you provided that you have enough space for them in your home. However, if any of these are dust-ridden and have not been read (or even opened) at all, you might want to discard them by selling them online or in a garage sale. Similarly, if you are somewhat tight on space in your new home, sort out which books you should discard and which ones you should keep with you.

5.) Leftover Food

Undoubtedly, you will have leftover food in your fridge days leading up to the move and on moving day itself. If you have not consumed it all by the time of your move, give them away to neighbors or throw them out. Sure, you can pack canned goods and pantry items for the move, but it is not recommended to bring everything with you. Unless you are moving nearby, packing perishable items from your fridge and freezer would require a cooler which can create a hassle for you. If you are looking to save room, do not pack canned goods and pre-packed goods such as rice and pasta. Either consumer them before the move or donate them your neighbors or to charity.

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10 Quotes To Help You Gain Confidence While in College

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Going to college and finishing a degree is a milestone. Though society requires a college education to get a job, it’s still a privilege to be in one. If you are one of the lucky young adults to have access to college education, it’s best to maximize its benefits. Explore what the campus has to offer. Learn from esteemed educators and immerse in the field of study interesting to you.

Life in college is challenging. The endless curriculum requirements, levels of mastery, and limited time frame, and other limitations can hinder you from enjoying your college experience. Grades and a circle of friends can contribute to your progress. However, real success in college is gaining and creating value with the help of the education of your institution.

If your feeling on-the-low due to the exams, papers, and presentations, you need to find inspiration. These ten quotes can help you power your journey in college, achieve success in school, and your dream of a comfortable life in an affordable house and lot for sale or condo unit.

1. “The voice that tells you ‘you can’t’ is usually lying. The one that says you can’t do it all at once usually isn’t.” – Marsha Wright, entrepreneur and influencer

When many things are occurring at the same time, your mind can get overwhelmed. It can come up with thoughts going against yourself. Fight your inner voice and prove it wrong. Ace the test or presentation by preparing for it.

2. “The urgent can drown out the important.” – Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!

College also has its busy season. For instance, holiday breaks create an urgency to tick off tasks on your to-do list and keep you from your ordinary course of study. It’s necessary to focus on your long-term goal to prevent mixing the important from the “in demand.”

3. “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” – Daniel J. Boorstin, Historian

The essence of learning is discovering what you thought knew but didn’t. It corrects your thinking by replacing it with accurate information and skills. It makes you competent and experienced. It also opens your mind to new ideas and concepts.

4. “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in, and day-out.” – Robert Collier, Author

The product of daily effort contributes to overall success. Daily reading cuts your coursework and helps you retain information. Writing every day makes you efficient while practicing your skill enables you to become better at it. Keep doing what you need to do day-in and day-out to be a master at what you do.

5. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou, Conversations with Maya Angelou (1989) by Jeffrey M. Elliot

Creativity is an unlimited resource. The more you use it, the more you generate great ideas. Don’t shy away from being creative. Be confident with your thoughts and vision as they originate from you.

6. “Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.” – Theodore N. Vail, President of American Telephone & Telegraph

The only enemy you have to conquer is yourself. Procrastination and anxiety come from your head. They are only as real as you believe them to be. Thus, you can overcome the hardship if you think you can. The real difficulty is the step to passing the struggle and not just thinking about it.

7. “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson, Teacher

Your self’s number one cheerleader is you! There is no other person who will push you to your limits and bring out your best attributes. When in doubt, know that you are the only one stopping you from your full potential.

8. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln, US President

Do your best whatever you are doing. Offer what you and serve with your heart when in a leadership position. Strive to be your definition of “good” to satisfy your expectations first before others.

9. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa

No task is impossible as long as you begin to work on it. If there’s coursework seeming to take forever to finish, chunk it. Spread your study over the week, so your to-do list won’t stack up by the end of the week. You won’t notice, but you’ll finish all you have to do eventually.

10. “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder

Being different and going against the norm is the common thing in society. Everyone thinks there’s a right or wrong way to do things when in reality each one has a method of going through things. Be proud of you are. Your personality, likes, dislikes, ideas, and views are all part of you. You must not be ashamed of your way of thinking as it is the key to change the world.

Whenever you feel uninspired and on the verge of quitting, use these ten quotes to help you gain confidence while in college. The words of wisdom from these successful people in their field will give the courage and inspiration you need to survive your remaining years at the university.

Mother’s Day Gifts To Appreciate Yo Momma

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Your mum, mommy, mama, momshie, nana or however you call her will appreciate a simple gesture on Mother’s Day. The difficulties she went through when she gave birth until the moment she was raising you won’t match to anything in the world. Thus, she deserves your respect, time and affection on her special day. Though gift giving isn’t required, buying something from the store is a way to thank her for what she has done.

If you have no clue what to get for your mother, you can check the items below. A trip to Aani Weekend Market helps you discover rare finds and unexpected trinket you can give her.



1. Athletic Wear

Often, the most practical gift wins. It’s best to give her high-performance leggings or socks if yo momma enjoys her weekly sweat sessions. A dry-fit shirt, sweatbands, a new visor or cap is affordable and comes with various styles and designs

2. Jewelry

Gemstones and precious metals are timeless pieces to offer as presents. Fashion-conscious mommas will appreciate a necklace, bracelet, ring or brooch in gold or silver. Customized designs such as initials as pendants or handwritten phrases and lines on the bracelet will warm her heart.

3. Leather Watch

Mothers often run back and forth to finish their chores and accomplish errands on time. Thus, they don’t have time to repair or replace their damaged watch. Give her a touch of luxury through a vegan leather watch in color flattering her skin tone. A blush watch complements most skin tones.

4. Nighties

Ensure mommy gets a good night’s sleep wearing elegant and comfortable sleepwear. Private Storey designs glamorous loungewear and affordable sleepwear to empower women even in their slumber. A silk or lace set of nighties helps your mom relax and be confident of her body.

5. Silk Slippers

The queen of the house needs royal pampering. Wearing a pair of soft and silky slippers eases her tired feet.

6. Set of Glasses

Purchase a pair of designer glasses she can wear on your next beach trip. If she has prescription glasses, you can take her to the clinic for replacement.

7. Scarf

A colorful scarf with an unexpected print brightens a dull outfit. A scarf with an unusual hue from her wardrobe breaks her usual khakis (or denim jeans) and button-down outfit.

8. Trendy Apron

Spare your mom from stains and mess during meal prep by gifting a cute apron. Sa Store makes smocks with cool patterns fashionable to wear outside the kitchen.

9. Workday Tote

Moms always pack more than they should. They shove their things in their oversized to ensure they won’t forget anything. Replace her frayed leather bag with a new one. That way, she retains the swag on her strut to work.


Other Essentials

10. Book

Mothers who enjoy their alone time reading would appreciate a hardbound limited edition copy from their favorite author. You can also pick the missing part from the sequel she’s missed out.

11. Body Oil

Essential oils are fragrant and relaxing. Give her a bottle of her favorite scent she can use on her next massage.

12. Chocolate

Spoil her sweet tooth by giving her a basket of her favorite chocolate brand. Add different flavors and varieties of the candy bar for her to enjoy her cheat day.

13. Carry on and Luggage

If she’s a jet-setter, she will appreciate a sturdy and one-of-a-kind carry on to bring on her travels. Don’t forget to purchase a travel organizer set to sort her clothing, shoes, and souvenirs in order.

14. General Check-Up

Take your mom to a top hospital with executive check-ups. Though some procedures are uncomfortable, hospitals offer overnight stay with hotel-like services. The check-up ensures the state of her well-being. You can also contribute to paying her medical insurance to cover future expenses and prepare in case of illness.

15. Getaway Coupon or Travel Tickets

Nothing beats an all-expense paid trip to a vacation spot your mom only dreams in her sleep. You can check promos on regular season to avoid price surges. You can offer to pay for a cruise or first class ride.

16. Gym Membership or Workshops

Since your mom isn’t getting any younger, it’s time she gets into activities pushing her to get into shape. A year’s pass to a nearby gym’s amenities and fitness classes will build her strength and make her youthful. Joining a group of learners exploring their interest is an opportunity to bond and be part of a new community.

17. Home Upkeep

Limit the complains you hear at home by taking care of leaking pipes, squeaking windows, and loose bolts. The simple fixes will avoid costly repairs and irreversible damages.

18. Musical/Theater Ticket

Bring her a to a different scene by taking her to see an act on a local theater or Broadway. Catching her favorite movie recreated on the stage is a memory she will treasure.

19. Phone Case

A phone case featuring a funny character or her favorite verse is sure to brighten her days. It also protects her phone from scratches and dents.

20. Rose

If she’s skipping alcohol due to health issues, opt for a bottle of rosé. It lowers bad cholesterol, blood pressure and protects the body from cancer due to resveratrol. It protects against inflammation and reduces the risk of heart attacks and related diseases.

21. Set of Her Skincare Essentials

Worrying about the price of skincare products can add to the wrinkles and fine lines on her face. Eliminate her worries on shopping for her face maintenance by purchasing a set for her. Include sheet masks for different parts of the face to boost the hydrating effects of the products.

22. To-do Notepad

A beautiful notepad allows her to rip off a piece of paper when she’s in a hurry to jot a number or an address.


Home Accessories

23. Artwork

Promising artists are sources of art pieces with future value. The artwork can become hundred times worth its current price. Your mom gets a decoration and investment when you bring her an artwork she adores.

24. Bathtub Caddy

Bubble bath, scented candles, a glass of wine and calming music combined is an effective de-stressor. The caddy gives her a space to place her book, iPod, and wine glass.

25. Decorative Kitchen Tools

Colorful ceramic measuring spoons from Anthropologie, wooden spatulas and laser cut baking pins are functional while still defining the style of the kitchen.

26. Portable Garment Steamer

Moms on-the-go don’t have time to flatten and straighten their clothes after washing them. A handheld garment steamer will prevent her silk, linen and rayon pieces of clothing from wrinkles. On top of that, she takes her garment steamer to her travels.

27. Jewelry Box

Give her a place to store family heirloom and treasured pieces of jewelry. Fashionable mums will be ecstatic for the extra space to keep their valuables.

28. A New Plant

Plants add life to your home. A green-thumb momma will enjoy tending to the newly potted plant.
Moms are the queen bees in every family structure. They are in charge of maintaining your home, finances, and meals. Besides her special day, show your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day by giving her a treat she won’t forget.


Home Management: Fanning the Flames of Anger


Anger is an emotional state that is a response to feeling attacked, deceived, or treated unfairly. Its intensity ranges from mild irritation to fury and rage. It also comes with physiological and biological responses the way other emotions do. When you are angry, your heart rate increases and blood pressure goes up. Your body releases hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline that raises your energy levels and throws you out of whack.

Most people can manage the emotion or hold it off to prevent themselves from blowing up even when they are in public spaces like hotels near Makati. Unfortunately, they also don’t understand what causes it. As a result, they don’t know what to do once their anger consumes them.

The Cause of Anger

Anger can come from external and internal events. Some situations will trigger the emotion but the conditions that will enrage you include:

  • being threatened or attacked
  • frustration or loss of control
  • unfair treatment

Some people can take these situations lightly, but others may have different responses such as annoyance or hurt. Each one will have a unique response as several factors affect the interpretation of an event. Childhood experiences, upbringing, present circumstances, and environment all influence how you will respond. These incidences also shape the encounters that will cause your anger.

Different Responses to Anger

You can turn your anger into something positive, lash out to others or result in violence. Destructive actions such as physical violence towards you or those you love and passive aggressiveness can be detrimental to your daily life. Acts of violence severely damage relationships and overall health. Holding onto anger for a long time and turning it inward may cause complications (e.g. hypertension and depression) and personality alteration in the long run.

On the other hand, you can use your adaptive behavior and focus on the positive side. That way, you channel your emotions into something constructive. Some people funnel their rage to physical activities and creative pursuits. Lastly, you have the option to calm yourself to get ahold of your outward and internal responses. You can practice calming techniques that slow down your heart rate and allows your feeling to subside.

Knowing the effects and varied responses to anger minimize the problems that may arise from the intense emotion. You will have a better grasp of how well you and other members of the family deal with the inner turmoil.

Steps to Dealing with Fury and Resentment


Remember that you have control over the emotion flowing in your body. Whenever you think that it is about someone or something, you must remind yourself that only you have the power to yield it. Below are some steps you can try whenever you feel that the episode is getting out of hand.

Clear your mind to think about what causes your anger.

A walk around Arca South community can help you clear your thoughts and provide a new perspective on the matter.

Own the emotion and take responsibility for what you are feeling.

Consider your ideas and perspectives while keeping in mind that the other person also has their view on the experience.

This technique helps you stay calm while processing your emotion.

Trace your angry thoughts.

Putting it into writing leads you to the circumstance that sparked the fire. At the same time, it helps you unveil other emotions involved or hiding from the primary sentiments. You may be feeling vulnerable and feeling angry is your self-defense against it.

When none of these steps work, someone or something will get hurt. Fortunately, being on the other side of things – the person who must deal with someone’s outburst – provides a different perspective that may improve how you see and deal with your anger.

If someone is releasing their anger, your role is to be supportive, listen, and ask questions that will clarify the situation and emotion. The person needs someone that will lead them instead of the other way around. Set aside your feelings during these moments to make way for the grievances of others. Positive changes occur to people and their relationships once they recognize the signs of anger, accept them, and use healthy coping mechanisms.

The Reality of Anger

People take turns on being upset. One day it’s you and other days it’s your partner. Don’t hold it against them when they feel angry more than you do. When these instances happen, become supportive and remind them to keep calm. That way, they can do the same for you. Anger is an emotion one must deal alone, but there will always people who help you cope and turn it into constructive behavior.

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Mitigated Monthly Bills: Six Ways to Save Money Monthly Expenses (Transportation and Electricity)


“Your goal should be to pay off your credit card bills in full at the end of each month and set aside money toward your emergency savings.” –Suze Orman

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are swarmed with bills at the end of each month? Ever felt like what you earn would just be enough to defray the house bills without anything left to save? Or worse: Is what you earn insufficient to pay the bills?

Well, you might have found yourself caught in a phenomenon wherein you have bills at the end of your month than days—a scenario wherein you are financially insolvent and incapable of allocating money for all the costs you have accrued during the month. Indeed, one of the biggest and most significant challenges in personal finance is figuring out how to mitigate your expenses and spend less money. One of the tried and tested ways that do work is to cut down on your monthly expenses. However, this is easier said than done. After all, how can you realistically reduce your monthly spending without compromising your lifestyle? Well, if you wish to cut down your spending, you would have to make sacrifices and allowance. In this regard, find a way to reconcile the barest minimum of your lifestyle to your necessities.

It might be a tough call initially, but you will find that you can ease into it gradually and over time. After all, making certain concessions and compromises are never easy, but they are worth it. You would realize just how rewarding it would be upon seeing your credit statement at the end of every month and looking at your healthy bank accounts. Regardless of whether you are living in a house in Pioneer Woodlands or a lush condo unit, there will always be a myriad of ways to reduce costs. Bills—no matter how small and insignificant—have a cumulative effect at the end of each month and can drain our financial resources. So, whether bills are big or small, it is best to start figuring out a way to minimize the costs:


Transportation is one of the biggest money pits when it comes to our financial resources and cars are huge financial drains. Unfortunately, car values constantly go down, chug costly fuel and are quite expensive to maintain. To reduce transportation costs here is what you should do:

1.) Use public transportation

In lieu of driving to work, it might be more financially sound if you used public transportation—especially if you are residing near bus terminals and the like. This allows you to save money on gas, parking, and even maintenance over time. Of course, this is not to say that you should be commuting forever. But every once in a while, leave the car behind and take the bus or a public utility vehicle. Remember, each time that you do; you will be saving money.

2.) Sell a vehicle

Do you have more than three cars at home? Are all three of them constantly used? Well, if one of them is rarely used, it might be best if you considered selling it. Not only would you be making profit on the side, but you would potentially save yourself thousands from maintenance costs.

3.) Carpool to work

Ask if you have any colleagues leaving nearby or neighbors who are going towards the same direction as you are and ask to carpool with them. Similarly, you can also ask to share a ride with someone from work and be dropped to a nearby point to your home. You would save gas money, fare and even significantly reduce the wear and tear on your car.


On particularly hot summers, it is rather inevitable and understandable to see a spike in our energy bills due to the constant air-conditioning usage. Fortunately, with the help of technology, we are now given the ability to significantly reduce that figure and improve energy efficiency.

4.) Install CFL or LED light bulbs

If you have never updated the lighting in your home, you might want to consider switching to either LEDs or CFLs today. These types of light bulbs would save about four times more energy than ordinary incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, these light bulbs would last you years.

5.) Unplug all unused electrical devices

Plugged in devices still consume energy even if they are not turned on, so it might be best if you unplugged these. This is because most of these devices would draw a small amount of electricity (phantom charge) that can easily add up—especially if you own several of these devices. If you have any electrical devices around the house that are infrequently used but are plugged in, remind yourself to unplug them.

6.) Utilize timers

To save money on energy and power, use the timer of your devices. You do not necessarily have to keep the air conditioning on full blast the entire night and as it can already cool a room by morning, it might be wise to turn it off before dawn. In this regard, use the timer of the unit to have it automatically turn off at a certain hour. Similarly, consider utilizing power strips to turn electrical devices on and off. Power strips with the switch turned off would effectively block the phantom charge on any devices it is installed on.

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