Home Buying 101: Four Signs You Have Found the Right House


“If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Do not settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know it when you find it.” –Steve Jobs


Buying a home can be a rather grueling and trying process. Apart from the endless considerations you have to make, you also have a budget to consider. However, despite all that, home buying is also regarded as one of the most exciting moments in one’s life. After all, nothing quite compares to the sense of fulfillment and achievement one will inevitably feel once a real estate deal has been made and finalized. In fact, it might even feel something like a milestone in life wherein you are finally able to afford something as significant as a piece of real estate—an investment for the future if you may. Indeed, there are only a few things in life that feel more fulfilling than finally being able to buy and secure your own house.

More often than not, your first piece of real estate property would be something you have significantly saved up for. In this regard, it is best not to make light of the selection process and be a little discerning in picking out the best property that would suit you and your family’s needs. Buying a home is a major decision-making process that should not be done arbitrarily as the right kind of home would inevitably determine what kind of home life you will have in the future. In any case, whether this is the first time you are buying a home by yourself or whether this property would serve as a crucial upgrade to your existing property, know that there are ways to determine whether a particular house is the right fit for you. Sure, it might seem like much of the pressure stems from making the right choice—after all, you do not save a significant amount of money just to potentially waste it on real estate property that is practically without value, right? However, know that taking a strategic approach in this endeavor can help you a long way regardless of whether you are opting to buy an Ametta place for sale or a condo in QC. Here are some of the signs that would help you determine whether you have found the right home or not:


It does not hurt your budget

It is of no question that a real estate property’s asking price would play a pivotal factor in whether or not it would sell easily or not. We can all have our sets of wants and standards for the home we want but at the end of the day, we would still be constrained and bound to the budget we have. Our budget is not limitless, so it is imperative to find a home that sits well with our pockets. After all, there is absolutely no point in buying a home that might meet all of your needs and wants and yet would render you broke. Take note: Your home should be a place that comforts you. It should not be a place that reminds you of your mortgage payments every single time you walk into it.

It adequately meets your must-have list

Admittedly, every homeowner has a set of wants in which he or she would put in comparison against every prospective real estate property they would see and consider. However, do know that while it is perfectly fine to have a list of wants, you should not disregard your needs in favor for your dream home. Do some prioritizing and know what your family needs and what your lifestyle demands. From there, decide what your must-have home features are and what your nice to have preferences will be. Everyone’s list might be different, but some of the things you might want to consider would invariably include a good location that is close to work, enough bedrooms for everyone and an extra bathroom. Compromising might be something you will inevitably find yourself resorting to when hunting for real estate property, but when it comes to your must-haves and needs, it is a good idea to stick to the list rather than go with a concession.

The neighborhood is perfect

Do not make the mistake of falling in love with a house to quick without checking to see if you actually like the neighborhood where it is found first. Remember, you are buying a home which inevitably means that you are buying into the neighborhood and community as well. Look at the surrounding area of your potential community and see if you are happy with it. Does the neighborhood look safe? Are there any public utility vehicles nearby? Can you realistically see yourself living with the neighbors in your community? Take a gander at the community first and explore it before you even think about submitting an offer.

You are not interested in seeing other homes

As clichéd as this might sound, sometimes finding the right home is a lot like falling in love in a sense that you are no longer interested in seeing someone else. When house hunting, it is pretty much saying that you are no longer interested to see any other properties other than the one you have found. When you find the one, the excitement of seeing other houses would die down and all you could ever think about is securing that dream property. With any luck, it might just even fit your budget. However, if you wish to be thorough, you might want to check other properties as well but you will find yourself thinking about only one property all throughout the process.

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