Home Management: Choosing the Right Hospital

hospital ward in quezon city
Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

Health is an important aspect of life. Unlike other things in life, you cannot buy your health. You can only look for ways to improve and take care of yourself. With that in mind, you must look for healthcare institutions and establishments that offer the best care. The clinic or hospital must have the latest devices, and the physicians must employ the latest practices in providing cures and the right treatment.

More often than not, selecting a hospital is at the back of the mind. You don’t think about it unless there is an emergency or a loved one is seriously ill. Instead of waiting for these scenarios, it’s best to think ahead. Consider your options. Though there are several hospitals committed to offering the highest quality of service and performance, it can be tricky to find the right health services and facility for a specific need. Even a Qualimed Hospital may not be the one for you and your family.

To find a hospital that fits the bill, here are some pointers to ponder on before or during decision-making.

Ask questions to help you assess different healthcare providers

Like other establishments, hospitals aren’t the same. Each one has a specific culture and specialty. The staff, clinicians, nurses, and doctors available won’t be the same in other hospitals even if they are in the same district. The same for its facilities and features. Some hospitals have advanced technology while others are lagging. Others have limited quarters, clinics and space in the lobby while some are generous with space. Others offer affordable services in contrast to those which provide free healthcare assistance and treatment plans.

To arrive at a decision, here are some questions to help you pick the right hospital:

  • Does the hospital provide a document or assign its staff to explain your rights and responsibilities as a patient?
  • What type of doctors is part of your treatment?
  • How can you reach them and inform them of your needs when they are out?
  • Are there social workers on call?
  • What is the hospital’s success rate in the medical procedure you need?
  • How many procedures has it performed?
  • How often is the procedure done?
  • What is the hospital’s mortality rate?
  • What is the hospital’s surgical site infection rate?

Use these questions as your guide in finding the right hospital and care provider. If you have other concerns, you should address them before you settle on a single choice.

Find out if the staff, physicians, and nurses are committed to quality.

It is essential to pick a hospital that satisfies all your requirements. If not, then you are selecting a facility that makes you feel unsure and half-hearted. Satisfactory customer service must be part of your needs. The hospital must be able to help you feel comfortable and at home. The staff might not be at your every beck and call, but they must at least be caring and responsible for their patients. They must be able to uphold the standard of providing high-quality service.

A hospital that is accredited through self-assessment and external peer assessment process is a must. Even if already certified, the hospital must have regular on-site surveys to review its medical and nursing care, physical condition, life safety program, pharmaceutical services, individual care units, and infection control procedures. Doing is a way of ensuring that the quality of patient care and employee performance meets the standard or goes beyond it.

Recognize the hospital for its reputation

There’s a reason why people are loyal to a physician or clinic. As more people patronize them, they begin to build their reputation. Their reviews and feedbacks is something to watch out for when looking for a healthcare provider. You might hear that one hospital has the best surgeon in town or a highly recommended pediatrician. Sometimes, a specific hospital gets terrible reviews. If that’s the case, you should take things with a grain of salt. It’s a must to watch out for the hospital’s reputation, but it won’t prove how effective it is in treating their patients if you don’t try it.

See if it has competent nurses

Remember, the nurses affect the quality of the patient’s hospital experience. The doctor might pop in once or twice, but nurses are with you and the patient most of the time. Thus, a highly-skilled and certified nursing staff is a must for any hospital. It’s also equally important to have a balanced nurse-to-patient ratio, so patients remain comfortable and well-assisted during while receiving their treatment.

Prioritize location and accessibility

During an emergency, the first thing that comes to mind is to look for a hospital within the neighborhood. If you still have time to look for alternatives, then you should begin hunting for a Qualimed Hospital or other hospital systems that offer the treatment plan you need. For safety reasons and other concerns when it comes to transportation, you should pick a hospital that provides shuttle service. If private transport isn’t available, you should opt for a facility that is along the city’s thoroughfares. For instance, you should select the one you can reach via public utility vehicles (PUVs), buses and trains.

Maximize your health card and other privileges

If you already have a trusted surgeon, then you can limit your choices to facilities where he or she can practice medicine. Some doctors are limited to specific clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals. It makes it easy to select between the available options as you can select those which are near and highly available to your location. It also helps you choose a hospital you are comfortable to stay and receive treatment.

Another thing to take note of when looking for a facility is the compatibility of your health card and other privileges. As much as possible, the hospital must be a partner of your health insurance provider. Choosing an accredited hospital helps you save money on room rates, medicine, and other medical expenses.

When choosing a hospital, it is wise to look for the one that gives the most benefits. It doesn’t only help you get the most value for your money. It also enables you to find a facility that fits the bill.

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