4 Self-Care Habits You Can Sneak During Work

Self-care is the most valuable yet the most neglected aspect of adulthood.

Growing up, we are wired to believe that grades, community involvement, and careers are more important than our physical and mental health. Thus, we burn ourselves out because of overstimulation and repetitive tasks in our respective cubicles and workstations in Ayala Land Offices.

Millennials are the most stressed among the current generation. A study by American Psychology Association found that factors that influence financial statuses such as money, jobs, and the economy are sources of stress. The study also identified several symptoms of stress – from irritability to depression – all which can affect work performance.

To retain a sense of self when working under stressful situations, here are simple self-care habits to integrate daily and make you less stressed:

  1. Adopt a new mantra

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The constant thoughts in your head become your reality over time. Is there something in your life that bothers you? Did you adopt a new routine in the past only to be bogged down by the lack of results? The problem may not be with your choice of actions. It may be in the way you think. If you plan to make lasting changes, the key is to change the way you think. Pick out a negative thought in your head and transform it into something positive. Repeat the new statement over and over for a week until you adopt the belief.

  1. Get out of bed before everyone else

    bed, wake up, wake up early, lea michele, excited

Waking up before everyone else is the most wonderful thing you can do for your mind and body. Being up way ahead of others gives a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, it gives your brain a quiet time to process the thoughts in your sleep. You get extra minutes to handle the information from your subconscious without distraction. Getting ahead also allows you to plan your day and set realistic goals because you had time to digest them.

  1. Sweat the stress out.

    dog, running, treadmill, exercise, morning routine, workout

Going out to perform exercises will not only get you into shape, but it also lessens the stress levels in your body. The tension and knots in the body get released because it engages in actions and warms it up. A body in motion is also helpful for the mind. It wakes the nerves in the brain and springs it to move. Stretch out your joints and limbs any time you feel the signs of stress coming out.

  1. List it on paper.


Writing every number, memo, and reminder on a notebook isn’t a sign of a failing memory. It’s the opposite.

When we jot down facts and other vital details, retrieving the information from the brain and recalling is much more natural. The action aids in memory retrieval and takes less time that exerting the mind to remember a particular fact. Furthermore, placing essential details on paper makes it official. You are more likely to accomplish the task because of the visual reminder.

  1. Catch up with friends and family.

    call, chat, friends, bff, long distance, phone call

Extended hours in the office working on the same project and frustrated group of people can drain your energy. It can also be taxing to your wellbeing. Likewise, friendships in the workplace are often out of convenience and not of genuine interest, so people tend to feel lonely.

If you are feeling the blues, take a minute to excuse yourself from the situation and to call up your trusty BFF or your parents and siblings. You can vent your feelings without judgment. They will also appreciate the fact you trusted them to be updated in your life.

The workplace is a serious environment that often forgets human beings run it. Most people neglect their health for their aspirations, so they burn out. You can avoid burn out by placing yourself first. That way, you can continue to provide the same energy and enthusiasm you had on your first day at the office.



3 thoughts on “4 Self-Care Habits You Can Sneak During Work

  1. Very helpful tips! Especially the ones about rising early and exercising. I can definitely vouch for both of them as successful strategies to calm your stress and develop peace of mind.
    Thank you for sharing. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to reblog on my site. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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