Four Smart Ways to Sell Your Home Fast


“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate” -Andrew Carnegie


The real estate market can be incredibly erratic—regardless of wherever you are situated in the world. There will be sporadic periods wherein the real estate market would be at an all-time high and would make a profitable sale, but these instances do not last very long. More often than not, the real estate market is declining, and the supply largely outstrips the demand (just observe how many unoccupied condominium units there are in the metropolis). As a consequence, home sellers would be constrained to sell their house at a lower price as a means to attract prospective buyers and sell it faster. But for homeowners who do not want to sacrifice valuable profit, selling their homes at a cheaper or lower rate is not an option.

Fortunately, there is a myriad of alternatives available to make your homes or condominium units sell faster—apart from selling it really low that is. You can attract buyers by enhancing a home’s attractiveness which you can do in a lot of ways. If you are looking to sell your home anytime soon or have a condo for sale in Cebu, here are a few tips to attract and entice potential buyers and get the best price for it as possible:

1.) Make your home stand out

In a metropolis where almost every nook and cranny is teeming with condominium developments and towers, how do you make sure that yours gets selected and bought? Well, you make your home stand out from the competition. Make it more memorable and let it make an impression that is sure to last on your prospective buyers. Consider adding custom designs, or additions such as high-grade windows or landscaping. Create that wow factor that is sure to leave a mark on your potential buyers as this will help you speed up the sale. Remember, if you want a buyer to consider purchasing your home, you need to offer something that the rest does not. But be careful not to go overboard with improvements though as buyers are less likely to be receptive in buying homes with improvements that are unnecessary.

2.) Get rid of the clutter

One of the pivotal steps you should take if you want to sell your home fast is to get rid of the clutter in your home. This is especially crucial when you are showing your home to prospective buyers as clutter can be a visual eyesore and can turn off potential buyers from striking a deal with you. Furthermore, your potential buyers would like to visualize themselves living in your home, and personal elements such as clutter would only devaluate your selling endeavors.

3.) Sweeten the deal

Make your home and the deal more attractive by offering terms or things that might make them more receptive to making an offer. An example of this is to offer to pay for the closing costs entirely or at least offer to pay a fraction of it. In a down house market, buyers are more receptive to looking for bargains and deals, so make sure that you have one to offer them.

4.) Price it right

Look at your home or unit objectively and price it appropriately. Regardless of how well-staged your home is or how many improvements you have incorporated into it, it is still imperative that you price it right. After all, potential buyers are more receptive to buying a home that is priced just right, so ask for the assistance of a real estate agent, go to online real estate sites and see what comparable homes are selling for in your area. There is no need to price your home incredibly low that your buyers would think that purchasing it would be a steal. You also have to take into account the aesthetics and significant improvements you have made after all. Otherwise, you might as well be giving it away. However, do keep in mind that your asking price is not too out of range with other comparable homes in your area.

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