Fresh Graduates Problems

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Way back in college, you find comfort and serenity in your simple yet fabulous condo in Makati. You enjoy inviting and hanging out with friends and colleagues, and probably going on for some drama when your professor and school just hit you so hard. You can’t even count how many times you’ve said, “I just want to graduate.”

Finally, you got your diploma, and all your hard work paid off. Congratulations! But now you’ve realized that there are as many problems after graduation as when you were still a student. Buckle your seats up and get ready for some feels as we talk about the dilemmas of fresh graduates:

You apply for work to get an experience, but you need prior work experience

How can you even get a job? You just want to laugh it off, but it actually gets on your nerves.

While checking the qualifications, you probably got the preferred degree, age, competencies but not the minimum work experience. To lessen your stress and heartbreaks in applying for a job, here are a few things that would hopefully help you:
• Check if the one that you are applying for is an entry-level job or open for accepting fresh graduates.
• Manage your expectations. If you see an opening for a manager or supervisor, it would probably require for prior work experience.
• You can always ask and try your luck. Some companies are banking more on the skills and potentials rather than the experience.

Applying for a valid ID which requires another valid ID

You probably need this particular government ID but it asks you to present at least one or two identification to verify your identity. Your mind is just blown away.

But here’s what you can do:
• If you don’t have a company ID yet, you may present your college ID or alumni card with picture and signature. Some offices and government units allow those for identity verification.
• Know which IDs are simple to get and won’t be asking too much from you. After getting those, proceed with the ones that ask you for another ID.
• Get certifications from your local government units or barangays to prove your identity. Make sure they are accepted in the offices or units you will be applying for.

Your diploma is not your golden ticket to your dream job

Not so much of a dream crusher but this is the reality. Not because you graduated from a good school with Latin honors and awards you will be quickly getting a job. It doesn’t happen all the time. Nevertheless, you can those as an advantage but don’t cling too much on those. Always remember that you can still improve yourself with regards to skills, abilities, talents and much more.

You want to study again and again and again

After a few days or weeks of resting and being stressed with job hunting or maybe at work, you just want to go back to school. All you can say is that you miss your friends and professors so bad, the ambiance of your school, the taste of food in the cafeteria – everything.

But you realize that you need to move forward

You can’t be trapped from the past. We all know that we need some time to adjust and be ready for the new chapter of your life. Yes, you can go back to school for a visit and few greetings or maybe by pursuing further studies. Again, move forward.

To sum it up, you are surprised

No explanations needed but the “Surprise!” said Life.

Whether you are a fresh grad or not, for sure you’ve encountered at least one of those mentioned above. What do you think should be on the list? Let us know, and together, we can talk about how hard our life is after graduation.


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