How to Ace Your Presentation

presenting in front of the people

There are a lot of things you can do if you have a comfy condo in Manila where you can chill and prepare a lot of things you need. One of the stuff most students and workers need to work well for are presentations. Can you confidently say you are ready for your next presentation?

You don’t need to wait for a few weeks before you start reviewing your skills and abilities in a presentation. To help you with that, here are some simple tips on how you can ace your presentation:

Thoroughly study your topic

person reading vector icon ebookBefore we start with other things, reviewing and analyzing well your subject is the most important. You cannot just present without having enough knowledge at hand. Another tip that can help you with your brainstorming is to outline. Pick out the main subject matters and which are supporting details only.

We should remember that we need to study well and wisely, not only study “hard.” Make sure that you get information from reliable sources. Simplify it as good as a person new to that topic will understand it.

Get to know your audience

people vector iconTo appropriately set the style of your report, you should get to know who will be your audience. Are they’re your classmates? Top real estate professionals in town? What are their profiles? Do you know what seems to be of their interest or not?

It would be helpful to know them so you can fit your presentation to their personality, profession, interest and other relevant factors.

Give an interactive activity

icon_66244-512An info-packed presentation goes well with an interactive activity. Spice up your presentation with an activity where your audience is more than just spectators but rather participants. The activity should have a good relation or connection with your topic. Don’t give an exercise for the sake of giving one. In short, don’t make your presentation a little like a children’s party (unless your subject matter is about that).

Do not stare and read

person reading vector iconCue or presentation cards are helpful as they guide you with your lecture. Remember, they are just your guide. You are not supposed to read word by word. Same as with your powerpoint file. The PPT is for your audience, so they know the points and key terms, not for you to read.

You are to present and not to only read in front of the class or board members.

Practice your presentation

person practicing presentationMay it be just in your head, in front of the mirror, standing, sitting, or whatever style you are comfortable with. In that way, you can imagine how will you be able to deliver your speech, run your activity and whatnot. Note what the things you need to adjust or change are. Will you still add more or lessen your discussion?

Ask questions and let your audience ask

question mark vector iconWhile presenting, it is necessary for you to ask from time to time. Can they still follow? Are you doing it way too fast or slow? Is everything clear? You got to make sure that you are on the same page as with your participants. Be open for them to ask questions or clarifications.

Also, this shows that you know your report well that you entertain inquiries and further explanations.

Confidence is the key

happy confident vector iconAnd on top of it all, be confident! Act as if you know everything. Project that all is well. Your participants will be happy to see that their presenter is happy and vibrant.



There you go! Make your condo in Manila be a good place to be productive. Can you think of other things that can help you with your presentation? Let us know to be able to help our other fellow urban dwellers.


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