Where to go this Rainy Season

two people walking in the rain

For the days where you expect it will be raining cats and dogs, do you have any place you can go to and things you can do aside from cuddling in your condo in Makati City? Of course, resting along with the pouring of rain is relaxing and soothing. But what will you do in the days where you want to go out and have fun even if it’s already the rainy season?

Here are some places you can consider going to:

Coffee shops

Coffee shops are one of the ideal spots where you can kill time if it’s raining. The cozy vibes and chill music they play in most of the coffee shops in town compliments the calmness and rage of the rain. There are times when you sip your drink and stare on the raindrops hitting the glass window or wall. Relaxing and soothing, right? You can also enjoy free WiFi, but I highly suggest you reconnect with yourself and disconnect first with the online world (unless you have urgent matters to address). Besides, some Internet connections do not work well when it’s raining.

Cinemas or Theater Houses

It may be cold outside, but we all know that it is more freezing in movies or theater houses. But suggesting you go in such places is not for you to feel cold. Come to think of it. It is a good thing to watch a movie or play when it is raining because you are somewhere in a closed area and having fun with great arts and films.

Goto or Mami Hubs

In contrast with the freezing temperature, it is indeed great to get a few bowls of our all-time favorite goto, mami, champorado, or any soup. These are not just perfect for breakfast meals but anytime of the day to fill and warm our stomachs. Feel nostalgic and dramatic while eating the food you used to eat when you were younger. Then memories will come flashing back right at you.

Indoor sports centers and recreational activities

There are lots of indoor sports hubs rising in the town – archery, bowling, skating, shooting, ball pits, just to mention few. Time to get some action and adventure inside while raining! You are definitely safe from being wet since you are inside of a building. Release your energy and stress in doing recreational activities. Don’t let the rain make you feel under the weather.


Another way you can unleash your energy is thru hitting the gym. Get fit and wet, tired and satisfied because you are living up to your goal of keeping yourself healthy. What is good about working out is that you will surely have a better sleep afterward. Going to the gym or doing some physical activities or sports are not meant just to tire you out.

School or public library

If you are seeking for nirvana or peaceful places to give you some shelter this rainy season, the library is a good friend to accommodate you. This place is perfect for bookworms and doesn’t choose any weather to read. The interesting stories and rain will not doze you off but ignite more your interest in reading and learning.

Those are the things you might want to consider heading to since we have just welcomed the rainy season. Remember that your safety is your priority. Do not go out if you think that you will have a hard time going out and returning to your place. Always bring an umbrella and towel, and maybe some extra clothes if you are soaking wet because of the rain. Have a fun rainy season and keep dry!


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