The Struggles of Living Faraway from School

going to school

What is up especially to the students who just started school? Aside from the struggle of getting up early since your class starts at around seven in the morning, there are also lots of problems of residing far away from your school. If you are studying somewhere near your residence like a condo in Makati, congratulations to you and you don’t have to go through different hardships and stress many students worry.

To mark up your first month in entering this school year, we came up with the list of the struggles students face if they live far away from school:

Need to wake up way earlier because why not

If your class is 9 in the morning, you are so doomed if you get to wake up at seven because you know you need a lot of time, not to prepare but for your travel. You can brush your teeth and take a bath within 10 minutes, eat your breakfast while on the way but the travel time will just kill you. And of course, hello to the unending traffic we need to endure for the rest of our lives.

That sad feeling when you forgot something at home (and there’s no turning back)

Just when you thought you are all set, ready to face a new day, you left a requirement or something needed in your class at your far, far away home. You are lucky if you can ask someone to deliver it to you but again, traffic. I guess you just need to improvise then, and better check all your things before leaving home.

Umbrella is your best friend

Through torrential rains and extreme sunshine, umbrella always got your back. You need to stay dry and fresh going to school because you know the school day ahead of you is still longer than your travel time. On that note, for the rainy season, you also need to bring a jacket, which adds to the weight of your bag but worth it.

You don’t know how LATE class suspensions should make you feel

Your classmates who are just around your school will be like, “Thank heavens I haven’t gotten up yet! I can continue my sleep.” But with you, “Why only now? I am already near the gate of our school.” You just don’t know why they play with your feelings. On the brighter side, you can rest and keep dry at home.

You are exhausted and be even more tired of traveling to go home

This is not just a struggle students face but also with the workers. You work or go to school around 8 to 10 hours a day and your travel time is like 3 hours per way. What to do? You just sleep. But then you remember that you are carrying many important things, so you need to stay awake and guard them up.

That love-hate relationship with big thing that you need to bring

As much as you want to carry with care your big project or whatever while going to school, you also want to throw it away. Why are you bringing that in the first place?

Sometimes, you can’t count yourself into special events where you should be there

Your guardians may be cool with whatever you want to go, but if you don’t have any other place to sleep, you just back out and spend the night at home. On the other hand, there might be parties or any event that, theoretically, you can go but the traffic or even the travel time itself (without traffic) won’t permit you.


And that’s it! I know you have more a lot to discuss but so far, that is what we can talk in this blog. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, don’t forget to be thankful that you are still able to do things such as studying. Hope you’ll have a blast this school year!


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