Cry – Inducing Filipino Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day

August is the National Language Month. It also happens to be the month of monsoons, strong winds, and typhoons.

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(Translation: Work and school suspensions abound)

Everyone is encouraged to stay at home as much as possible to protect themselves from harm and sickness. Unfortunately, people on a fast-paced life are quickly bored at home. Boredom becomes a problem especially when home means a house and lot – Cavitehouse and lot – Cavite, Laguna or other communities far from the city.

Make the most of a rainy day by catching up on needed zzz’s or better yet, why not binge watch some movies. Here are some Filipino movies heavy on the storyline and the drama that will make your tear drop on a guitar.


Director: Maryo J. de los Reyes
Screenwriter: Michiko Yamamoto
Producer: Violeta Sevilla

Magnifico was young Jiro Manio’s claim to fame. The movies center on a boy named Magnifico and his family’s poor living state in a rural area in Laguna. His name means ‘magnificent,’ which gives him a burden of living up to the word. His mom, portrayed by Lorna Tolentino, always talks about their lack of finances. Both his parents don’t think highly of him. He has a brother who’s away for college and a sister with cerebral palsy, but these things don’t bring him down. He does little things to help ease the family’s burden like building a coffin from scratch for his cancer-ridden grandmother. Unfortunately, the touching tale of the young boy comes to a tragic end. You have to see the ending for yourself.

Magnifico is one of the best Filipino drama film of all time.


Director: Rory B. Quintos
Screenwriter: Ricardo Lee, Raymond Lee
Producer: Trina N. Dayrit

Few movies showed the struggle of Overseas Filipino Workers in the early years, yet Anak managed to capture the reality of leaving the family in exchange for abuse and poor working conditions abroad.

The movie tells the story of a mother, played by Vilma Santos, who left for Hong Kong and worked as a kasambahay to Chinese families. Her employer would not let her take vacations, locked her up and took her passport. She became bound to her employer when they took an extended vacation so didn’t receive the letters from her children stating their father was gone.

When she had the chance to return home, she tries her best to keep her family together. However, the resentment and hatred from her children get in the way of rebuilding their family ties.

Anak is a classic. It may not represent most of the OFW stories, but one way or the other each family with a member far from home would relate to the story.


Director: Joel Lamangan
Screenwriter: Ricardo Lee
Producer: Charo Santos – Concio

Another touching movie written by Ricardo Lee, Mila tells the true story of Anita Pamintuan.

The film centers on Mila Cabangon, a public school teacher, portrayed by Maricel Soriano. Mila genuinely cares for her students. She is also generous and benevolent. Most of all, she is approachable and has a good heart. She is a friend to everyone.

A story wouldn’t be complete without struggles, and she definitely has a lot. She was strong and managed to overcome her strife from childhood. She lost her teaching position because of the strike and discovered her lover was an addict who tried to extort their possessions to finance his vice. She wandered the street of Ermita upon losing her job.

She didn’t know why she was there, but she enjoyed teaching the children as well as the prostitutes. She gave and offered help even when she had nothing left. Eventually, poverty took its toll on her. Her body gave up, and she died in the streets.

Mila shows the hardship faced by teachers against the government. Their passion for sharing knowledge reigns even in the face of adversity.

Tanging Yaman

Director: Laurice Guillen
Screenwriter: Shaira Mella Salvador, Laurice Guillen
Producer: Elma Madua

Tanging Yaman tells the story of a family divided because of an inheritance left by their deceased patriarch. Three siblings, now with their families, visit their nurturing and self-giving but ailing and feeble mother whose love is the only thing that binds the siblings and grandchildren together.

The movie successfully displayed the contrast of provincial values and urban traits present in the second and third generation members of the family. Distance and time placed a strain on each relationship, and the characters showed how does family get along in spite of the instances. Tanging Yaman teaches the power of love, faith, acceptance of one’s self,  the effects of controlling others’ lives as well as feelings of jealousy and insecurity.


Director:  Chito S. Roño
Screenwriter: Jewel Castro, Chris Martinez
Producer: Elma Madua, Eduardo Mangahas

Caregiver is another movie that shows the struggles of an OFW. Set in 2008, a grade school English teacher flies to the United KIngdom to support her husband. Sarah Gonzales, played by Sharon Cuneta, becomes a caregiver in a retirement home. The distance from her son, pressure from the job and the conflicts that arise from the couple opened Sarah’s eyes. Her self-discovery made her an empowered woman.

Sarah’s journey is relatable to Filipinos who recently left the country to give their family a better life. The movie also shows a Filipino kid raised in London whose attitude can be considered problematic but only wants love and affection from his parents.

These five movies are top-notch and guaranteed to form pools under your eyes. Don’t be surprised if your vision blurs in the middle of the film screening. Just make sure to have a box of tissue at arm’s reach.

Listen Up People, The East Struggles Too

As a citizen from the East (Rizal to be exact), I totally feel the struggles of the North and South. My social sphere is quite diverse as I attended college in Manila, volunteer in Quezon City and occasionally hang out with my fam in Paraňaque. It gets hard to jump from each place.

With an air of desperation, I decided to look for a condo for rent in Makati or BGC, which is close to home. But my work life, personal relationships, and activities can’t fit in my schedule because most of my time is spent commuting.

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some of the struggles the East peeps kept under wraps. They are worth the Twitter-war trend, too!


It doesn’t matter if it’s to the North or South, it takes the same amount of time and traffic.

simpsons, traffic, north people, south people, edsa

Ortigas Ave. and the Extension is supposedly the fastest way to EDSA, and everyone thinks the same thing, so it’s ALWAYS traffic. Julia Vargas is also brimming with the cars of Ortigas CBD’s workforce. It takes an hour just to reach Pasig and another hour to drive along EDSA. Even if we’re in a rush, we won’t take a cab because the meter will be running on forever. Working in Fort and Makati is the dream but having to leave at 6 p.m. and go home at 9 p.m. (if we’re lucky) every day is a bit much. Don’t get us started with Alabang. We’ll be there, but we’d much rather be there on a weekend when being late doesn’t count.

Another way to get access EDSA is through Marcos Highway, but then, we have to pass through a bunch of boundaries before arriving at our destination. Until then, we have to brave the small towns and clogged streets to get anywhere.


My halfway is different from your halfway.

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Honestly, we’re already in the halfway, or close to it at least. You have to make it clear whose halfway are you referring. “Halfway” could mean a lot of things – Cubao from the North and Pasig, Ortigas, and Mandaluyong from the South. We’re flexible when it comes to meet ups. Still, we plan our driving and commute routes accordingly so spare us the stress and clarify whose “halfway” is it. It will save us more time and gas (and carbon footprint) if you’ve just made it clear in the first place.


Rush hour can be heaven or hell – there’s no in between.

There are days when everything is a breeze. The streets aren’t packed, and all modes of transportation are waiting for our beck and call. Then there are hellish days when traffic enforcers who try to ease the traffic only to make it worse. There are days we wish for our cars, and there are days we wish we could just ride anything as long as it gets us there in time.

simpsons, traffic, north people, south people, edsa, fomo, twitter, north vs south, east people

Let’s not forget the construction of the main roads for the rainy season. It rarely ends before the actual season, so it takes half of the street and causes major traffic. Flooding isn’t a problem unless we need to pass by flood-prone areas like Marikina and low-lying towns of Rizal.


Non-commuter areas

simpsons, traffic, north people, south people, edsa, fomo, twitter, north vs south, east people

We people of the East are humble homebodies who love to get out of our comfort zones now and then. Nevertheless, we don’t have to bring our car all the time since all the commuting options are available at hand – LRT, MRT, UV, buses, and jeeps – thus, don’t make us go to exclusive places like Katipunan, BF, and Filinvest. Going to these locations require cutting trips. It’s also super hard to catch a jeep during rush hour. It doesn’t help that Grab and Uber rates are in surge because everyone decided to book their trips at the same time.


“Why are all the cool places so far away?”

simpsons, traffic, north people, south people, edsa, fomo, twitter, north vs south

The food parks in Maginhawa, street art in Marikina, parties Makati and the Fort are all in traffic prone areas (Translation: WE WANT TO AVOID THEM). We already spend half of our life waiting in vain for the traffic. We certainly don’t want to spend our weekend in there too. Plus, we have to leave waaaaay ahead of time, so we’ll be on time for the party or whatever it is we’re going to. We are the gateway to both sides after all.

simpsons, traffic, north people, south people, edsa, fomo, twitter, north vs south, east people

FOMO is real when concerts are in MoA Arena or Filinvest Concert Grounds.


Cancelled plans

simpsons, traffic, north people, south people, edsa, fomo, twitter, north vs south, east people, cancelled plans

We can be the Hufflepuffs of the Metro but we have our limits too. Just because I’m closer to whichever place we happen to meet up doesn’t mean you can cancel it on the spot. Navigating the streets of Quezon City is grueling. Also, just because my place is the nearest among us and I brought my car doesn’t mean you can stuff all the leftover supplies from our past projects. It’s much better if we shared the load and divide it among ourselves.

Overall, people from the East are more understanding and flexible than those of the North and South. We get their cavalry, but we have our own too. Our counterparts from both ends are more privileged to certain conveniences in terms of commuting, entertainment, and accessibility. Thus, we learned to adapt and make use of what we have while searching for the greener pastures from opposite directions. We’re trained for the buwis buhay commute of the North and the laid back elegance of the South.

Cover Photo was taken from Photo ni Ompong

Five Micro-Stressors Every Senior Goes Through

Senior year is hella stressful. There are college applications – manually filling out forms, requesting for the requirements, compiling them and then taking the entrance tests which takes a lot of time. It doesn’t help that most of the best college institutions are in Manila. College doesn’t start until next year, but the effort of trying to make it into the dream school sometimes make us want to have a condo in Manila sooner.

Given these struggles, there are other things that damper a senior’s confidence and mood. They are adults, but not quite. They are young and naive, but they are independent as they start learning the ropes of the world. They deserve a bit of understanding from adults. Still, here are lesser known things that put additional stress on senior students.

Pressuring them to take a course they don’t like

college, university, student. college problems

They haven’t graduated let alone stepped out of the halls of their high school, and they are already subjected to a path of misery and doom because their parents have a say on what degree they should get. Those who want to pursue the path are lucky, but those who want to branch out to another aren’t. There are also students who qualify for college scholarships but are limited to specific courses. Thus, the lack of freedom throws them off the curve and makes them less enthusiastic of college.

Unsupportive parents

college, university, student. college problems, parents, support, unsupportive parents

These parents often don’t know what’s best for their senior student. They hinder the student to get close to opportunities. They don’t listen to their child, and they don’t care. Some parents only want what they didn’t achieve when they were younger, and they shovel them to their kids.

Senior year is the time for the student to explore with the help of their training wheels. It’s the time for them to make mistakes and ask for forgiveness once they’ve realized it. But parents don’t understand this, and they choose to strangle their kids with nagging, criticism and gaslighting rather than support and guide them in their endeavors.

Piled up projects

college, college problems, projects, stress, activities, group work

Whether it’s a self-development project or a school requirement, unfinished projects add to the pile of stress on their shoulders. Supplies are strewn in the bedroom or the study hall. There are looming deadlines, and the meetings come one after the other. There’s a huge chance to leave a major piece of the project behind, and they (and their group mates) will hate them for it. There’s also the fact that commuting while bringing a huge board (ONE WHOLE illustration board) is such a hassle.

Unfriendly community

college, college problems, projects, stress, activities, group work, friendship, heartbreak, alone, depression

We may not be aware, but students fall in and out of friendships throughout their high school years as adults do. Falling out of a year long friendship at the last year of high school is heartbreaking. Senior year is the year of raging hormones and significant changes – the year of the unknown. Being surrounded by unsupportive peers, self-centered student leaders and belittling teachers are hard for the student. Extended periods of isolation may lead to depression.

Facing traffic

college, university, student. college problems, traffic, night, traffic jam

Unless the house is a few steps from the school, then say hello to the population of people who rely on vehicles to get anywhere. Traffic is a nuisance which makes a 9 a.m. class to a 6 a.m. affair because it takes an hour to get ready and two to get to school.

It’s much stressful when it’s time to get home. The students spend 8 hours on average at school, and they still have to travel home. Exhausted and weary, the only thing to do is sleep, but they have to stay up lest they get robbed or miss their stop.

These five aren’t complaints but are micro-stressors that can pile up and blow in various proportions. As adults who have “been there, done that,” it is our responsibility to give compassion to the young ones. Seniors, no matter their size, are still part of the awkward stage. They deserve every bit of help and understanding from the people around them, especially their family.

Street Art: Element of Urban Living

It’s wonderful to be able to start the day with a something to look forward to each day. Living in a condo for rent in Makati is exciting because the streets of the city are decorated with multiple installations, centerpieces, and architectural aesthetic. A few block from Makati is Taguig, where great masterpieces from local artists are scattered throughout the city.

The local street art varies from luxurious murals to spray painted comic-like characters that shadow the country’s history and culture. Gone are the days when graffiti was a form of vandalism. Artists are now encouraged to paint the town red (literally) to bring life and color to the flat concrete and neutral palette of the city.

Transforming the city

Public spaces are a perfect canvas for showcasing the local art scene.

Empty lots, transport stations, trash bins, park benches, and even trees are adorned using different styles art. All of these things are accessible to the public, and it can be seen by anyone who passes or lingers. Applying the designs on places open to everyone makes it easier to spread information and awareness. Artists can express their voices and ideas through their work.

mural, painting, street art, local art, local artists, street, rally, propaganda, peace, peace building

The Guerilla painted this mural to show their support to the Lumad community when they came to Manila.

Sometimes, the works of art depict the repressed and unheard voices and struggles of the artistic community as well as those groups nearby. The artwork can also be a propaganda of historical and societal issues. Other times, there are works of art that just want to make people think. Gerilya, a group of Fine Arts graduates, turned street artists, shares this; “it feels better as an artist for your art to be of use to someone rather than for your art to just look cool but with no substance.”

The group categorized its artworks into three types: Kultura, Kasaysayan at Kasarinlan. Kultura is cultural pieces which celebrate Filipino traditions, values and way of life. Kasaysayan is artworks inspired by historical events. It features heroes and notable sightings of Philippine history. Kasarinlan is socio-political artworks that target common national issues.

“Whenever we support an issue through our art, we find a reason to do it. If it compels us enough to do a piece about it, then so be it. So most of the time, we only do issue-based work that concerns us, and that also affects us.”

One example is the artwork they constructed on Budget Cut for Education sector when they were still students. Election-themed works were also popular during the Election Period. Still, Gerilya is open to collaboration with groups and sectors of the society that needs representation. The team recently extended their help to the Lumad community for the Manilakbayan March. They believe in the cause, so they dedicated their time on a mural even if they are not members of the tribe.

The pictures and visuals can be powerful weapons that can be used to guide the unfaltering attention of the masses from mainstream media to sensitive and serious subjects in the community.

Art adds beauty and value to the dark and somber structures of the city.

The combination of colors and prints is delightful to the eye. It breaks the monotony of urban life with the awe-inspiring lines, curves, and patterns. The art piece allows the city to breathe. The culture and the individuality of the place take center stage as artists highlight note-worthy [and random] spots with their work.

street art, wall, building, bgc, bonifacio global city, local art, local artist,

BGC breaks the monotony of the city by inviting local artists to showcase their talent through street art.

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is one of the country’s highly-urbanized cities that redefined its structure based on sustainable living. BGC’s Art Mural Festival by Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. expounded along with the area’s development. The design started with empty lots but was soon filled up. Art can now be seen on the city’s trash cans, transformer vaults, trees, and sidewalks. BGC is slowly transitioning to a full-scale art piece that inspired local artists to come out of their shells and share the beauty of their creations to the public.

Benefits of the craft

Producing and creating artwork, regardless of the medium, is therapeutic to both the artist and the audience.

For artists, it is an outlet of stored energy and emotions. The pent up creative energy is spread to the environment, especially to the people. The viewers of the artistry get inspired while the creative juices of the artists are renewed.

painting, paint, hand, skills, fun, creativity, colors

Making art allows the artists and children an outlet to release their creative energy and inner turmoil.

The images also cast a sense of peace to the artist and audience. Art encourages the creation of tangible products, which helps people who are not able to articulate their precise thoughts convey them to others. Victims of abuse find it difficult to communicate the sensations, emotions or perceptions because of what they went through. Employing the artistic side is a way of “voicing” specific memories or feeling without having to talk.

Art is also a sensory-based approach which allows children to experience themselves and communicate on multiple levels (visual, tactile, kinesthetic and others).

Street art is part of the urban life and has evolved in sync with the new workings of the society. Art is functional to the city when viewed as a ‘weapon’ or medium of communication. It also establishes the community’s identity through the colorful personalities encapsulated in the imagery. Lastly, art is essential to human nature. The process of creating an aesthetic is a cure for the anxiety and stress of past issues. A city filled with the wonders of art gives condo living a unique and distinct experience.

Four Smart Ways to Sell Your Home Fast


“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate” -Andrew Carnegie


The real estate market can be incredibly erratic—regardless of wherever you are situated in the world. There will be sporadic periods wherein the real estate market would be at an all-time high and would make a profitable sale, but these instances do not last very long. More often than not, the real estate market is declining, and the supply largely outstrips the demand (just observe how many unoccupied condominium units there are in the metropolis). As a consequence, home sellers would be constrained to sell their house at a lower price as a means to attract prospective buyers and sell it faster. But for homeowners who do not want to sacrifice valuable profit, selling their homes at a cheaper or lower rate is not an option.

Fortunately, there is a myriad of alternatives available to make your homes or condominium units sell faster—apart from selling it really low that is. You can attract buyers by enhancing a home’s attractiveness which you can do in a lot of ways. If you are looking to sell your home anytime soon or have a condo for sale in Cebu, here are a few tips to attract and entice potential buyers and get the best price for it as possible:

1.) Make your home stand out

In a metropolis where almost every nook and cranny is teeming with condominium developments and towers, how do you make sure that yours gets selected and bought? Well, you make your home stand out from the competition. Make it more memorable and let it make an impression that is sure to last on your prospective buyers. Consider adding custom designs, or additions such as high-grade windows or landscaping. Create that wow factor that is sure to leave a mark on your potential buyers as this will help you speed up the sale. Remember, if you want a buyer to consider purchasing your home, you need to offer something that the rest does not. But be careful not to go overboard with improvements though as buyers are less likely to be receptive in buying homes with improvements that are unnecessary.

2.) Get rid of the clutter

One of the pivotal steps you should take if you want to sell your home fast is to get rid of the clutter in your home. This is especially crucial when you are showing your home to prospective buyers as clutter can be a visual eyesore and can turn off potential buyers from striking a deal with you. Furthermore, your potential buyers would like to visualize themselves living in your home, and personal elements such as clutter would only devaluate your selling endeavors.

3.) Sweeten the deal

Make your home and the deal more attractive by offering terms or things that might make them more receptive to making an offer. An example of this is to offer to pay for the closing costs entirely or at least offer to pay a fraction of it. In a down house market, buyers are more receptive to looking for bargains and deals, so make sure that you have one to offer them.

4.) Price it right

Look at your home or unit objectively and price it appropriately. Regardless of how well-staged your home is or how many improvements you have incorporated into it, it is still imperative that you price it right. After all, potential buyers are more receptive to buying a home that is priced just right, so ask for the assistance of a real estate agent, go to online real estate sites and see what comparable homes are selling for in your area. There is no need to price your home incredibly low that your buyers would think that purchasing it would be a steal. You also have to take into account the aesthetics and significant improvements you have made after all. Otherwise, you might as well be giving it away. However, do keep in mind that your asking price is not too out of range with other comparable homes in your area.

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Fresh Graduates Problems

graduation cap hire me text

Way back in college, you find comfort and serenity in your simple yet fabulous condo in Makati. You enjoy inviting and hanging out with friends and colleagues, and probably going on for some drama when your professor and school just hit you so hard. You can’t even count how many times you’ve said, “I just want to graduate.”

Finally, you got your diploma, and all your hard work paid off. Congratulations! But now you’ve realized that there are as many problems after graduation as when you were still a student. Buckle your seats up and get ready for some feels as we talk about the dilemmas of fresh graduates:

You apply for work to get an experience, but you need prior work experience

How can you even get a job? You just want to laugh it off, but it actually gets on your nerves.

While checking the qualifications, you probably got the preferred degree, age, competencies but not the minimum work experience. To lessen your stress and heartbreaks in applying for a job, here are a few things that would hopefully help you:
• Check if the one that you are applying for is an entry-level job or open for accepting fresh graduates.
• Manage your expectations. If you see an opening for a manager or supervisor, it would probably require for prior work experience.
• You can always ask and try your luck. Some companies are banking more on the skills and potentials rather than the experience.

Applying for a valid ID which requires another valid ID

You probably need this particular government ID but it asks you to present at least one or two identification to verify your identity. Your mind is just blown away.

But here’s what you can do:
• If you don’t have a company ID yet, you may present your college ID or alumni card with picture and signature. Some offices and government units allow those for identity verification.
• Know which IDs are simple to get and won’t be asking too much from you. After getting those, proceed with the ones that ask you for another ID.
• Get certifications from your local government units or barangays to prove your identity. Make sure they are accepted in the offices or units you will be applying for.

Your diploma is not your golden ticket to your dream job

Not so much of a dream crusher but this is the reality. Not because you graduated from a good school with Latin honors and awards you will be quickly getting a job. It doesn’t happen all the time. Nevertheless, you can those as an advantage but don’t cling too much on those. Always remember that you can still improve yourself with regards to skills, abilities, talents and much more.

You want to study again and again and again

After a few days or weeks of resting and being stressed with job hunting or maybe at work, you just want to go back to school. All you can say is that you miss your friends and professors so bad, the ambiance of your school, the taste of food in the cafeteria – everything.

But you realize that you need to move forward

You can’t be trapped from the past. We all know that we need some time to adjust and be ready for the new chapter of your life. Yes, you can go back to school for a visit and few greetings or maybe by pursuing further studies. Again, move forward.

To sum it up, you are surprised

No explanations needed but the “Surprise!” said Life.

Whether you are a fresh grad or not, for sure you’ve encountered at least one of those mentioned above. What do you think should be on the list? Let us know, and together, we can talk about how hard our life is after graduation.

How to Ace Your Presentation

presenting in front of the people

There are a lot of things you can do if you have a comfy condo in Manila where you can chill and prepare a lot of things you need. One of the stuff most students and workers need to work well for are presentations. Can you confidently say you are ready for your next presentation?

You don’t need to wait for a few weeks before you start reviewing your skills and abilities in a presentation. To help you with that, here are some simple tips on how you can ace your presentation:

Thoroughly study your topic

person reading vector icon ebookBefore we start with other things, reviewing and analyzing well your subject is the most important. You cannot just present without having enough knowledge at hand. Another tip that can help you with your brainstorming is to outline. Pick out the main subject matters and which are supporting details only.

We should remember that we need to study well and wisely, not only study “hard.” Make sure that you get information from reliable sources. Simplify it as good as a person new to that topic will understand it.

Get to know your audience

people vector iconTo appropriately set the style of your report, you should get to know who will be your audience. Are they’re your classmates? Top real estate professionals in town? What are their profiles? Do you know what seems to be of their interest or not?

It would be helpful to know them so you can fit your presentation to their personality, profession, interest and other relevant factors.

Give an interactive activity

icon_66244-512An info-packed presentation goes well with an interactive activity. Spice up your presentation with an activity where your audience is more than just spectators but rather participants. The activity should have a good relation or connection with your topic. Don’t give an exercise for the sake of giving one. In short, don’t make your presentation a little like a children’s party (unless your subject matter is about that).

Do not stare and read

person reading vector iconCue or presentation cards are helpful as they guide you with your lecture. Remember, they are just your guide. You are not supposed to read word by word. Same as with your powerpoint file. The PPT is for your audience, so they know the points and key terms, not for you to read.

You are to present and not to only read in front of the class or board members.

Practice your presentation

person practicing presentationMay it be just in your head, in front of the mirror, standing, sitting, or whatever style you are comfortable with. In that way, you can imagine how will you be able to deliver your speech, run your activity and whatnot. Note what the things you need to adjust or change are. Will you still add more or lessen your discussion?

Ask questions and let your audience ask

question mark vector iconWhile presenting, it is necessary for you to ask from time to time. Can they still follow? Are you doing it way too fast or slow? Is everything clear? You got to make sure that you are on the same page as with your participants. Be open for them to ask questions or clarifications.

Also, this shows that you know your report well that you entertain inquiries and further explanations.

Confidence is the key

happy confident vector iconAnd on top of it all, be confident! Act as if you know everything. Project that all is well. Your participants will be happy to see that their presenter is happy and vibrant.



There you go! Make your condo in Manila be a good place to be productive. Can you think of other things that can help you with your presentation? Let us know to be able to help our other fellow urban dwellers.